Bryson Tiller

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18 year old singer/rapper/songwriter/producer who knows only god can change what he believes he is destined to become. He was Born 1993 January 2nd, raised by his grandparents who listened to almost nothing but music of their time, such as Al Green, The Isley brothers, Sade', Billy Paul, Teddy Pendergrass and many other great musicians. Which is believed to be the reason of his choice to pursue his dream as a singer. Talented as he is, he has always known there was room for improvement and never felt the need to discontinue his hard work at becoming better as a musician. He always knew that his music would be different from the local trash that people were use to, so he actually had a chance at standing out. Working with local producers such as The Saint, Shannon "$-co" Collins, Brute, and Austin Brewer, all helped him realize his undeniable talent, and sooner than later, he became great. As for Bryson Tiller's current intentions and ambitions, becoming greater than great..... "I Believe i will succeed simply because of that fact that 'I Believe'. This Is how i paint , and I hope everyone will enjoy my Artwork. I guess you can call me Vincent Van Gogh at his begginer stage; Im still Learning, but soon i will have a portrait that even you cant turn away from. This is my Starry, Starry Life" -Bryson Tiller


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