Webbie News

  • Cover of Webbie Threatens 50 Cent Over Million Dollar Boxing Wager
    Back in July, TMZ caught up with an incensed Webbie, who claimed that 50 Cent still owed him a cool million dollars over a boxing bet that went down in April. Now, a still-unpayed Webbie is taking things to the next level, recording a new track that explicitly lashes out at Fif for not coming through on the deal.
  • Cover of Webbie Show Ends After Brawl, Club Manager To Ban Rap Music From Venue
    Louisiana rapper Webbie has found himself in headlines for the first time in quite a while after a recent performance at the 20/20 Club in Odessa, Texas, ended in violence. Depicted in footage obtained by TMZ, the brawl found multiple parties throwing stools at each other. 
  • Cover of Webbie Claims 50 Cent Owes Him A Million Dollars
    On top of being a great rapper, Webbie is a pretty hilarious character. The Baton Rouge rapper known for recording plenty of records with Boosie in his early days has one of the most hilarious Breakfast Club interviews out there.
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