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What began as free styles at parties just became more of a passion for Ryan. His friends would always make him freestyle, and the crowd would enjoy what Ryan had to say. As time went on Ryan would freestyle in chat rooms which is where he began to write. He decided that he wanted to do music from scratch; making beats and writing his own lyrics, Ryan formed something not only for himself but for those around him. As his passion grew he began to record other artists forming a group that was know as Phunkthouse. Phunkthouse included Stump, St. Jerome and Ryan (Coach). As the ability to make music grew so did members of Phunkthouse, people began coming into the group, able to record their own music. Ryan gave other artists the opportunity to record, and a place to be able to put their own passions on CD. The group began booking concerts and shows throughout Arizona. As Ryan’s inspirations grew to a more personal level he realized that he didn’t want to be the basic ‘rapper’ singing about drugs, material possessions and women. He wanted to do more, and he wanted to reach out. Ryan’s passion grew into a goal of helping one person, and today, Ryan states, "It is fulfilling, if I reach just one person through my music, I do this for myself, but if that one person sits down to listen to my words, it begins like a book, chapter by chapter of my life." Although the tides of change have closed the doors on Phunkthouse, Ryan continues his saga through Desert Reign Productions. The same goals are achieved within this group, and Ryan still gives other artists a chance to create, produce and record their own music. Once being a freestyle artist; Ryan has become the man that sings about real life, real life events, personal trials, tribulations and the events that have helped shape him into the artist he has become today. An older musician friend recently said "I don’t like rap or hip-hop but I do like what you have to say." This became a comment and compliment that Ryan doesn’t take lightly and the goal Ryan strives to create through his music- to reach just one person. Ryan continues to make music, he writes lyrics as they come to him. He refers to his moments of writing as therapy sessions- as a way to be able to release feelings, emotions and what’s on his mind and turn it into something positive and amazing for others to listen to. His future goals are to continue making music, living without regret and is working on the next chapter of his life as it unfolds


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