Top 7 Features On Gunna’s “DS4EVER”

In honor of “DS4EVER,” we are breaking down the best features from the exciting new album.

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Top 7 Features On Gunna’s “DS4EVER”

As the Hip-Hop community attempts to wrap its head around Gunna’s new “pushin P” lingo, it’s safe to say that DS4EVER — the YSL Records signee’s latest full-length effort and final installment in his fan-favorite Drip Season series — has so far successfully rekindled the excitement of New Music Friday in 2022. From debates as to whether certain actions should be certified as “P” to questions about the whereabouts of his Drake-assisted track “pussy power,” the hype for DS4EVER hasn’t faltered in the slightest since its release.

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Other than the more confounding aspects of Gunna’s latest release, early reception to the album also suggests that one of its strongest qualities is its expertly picked features. DS4EVER enlists a wide array of artists for guest performances, from Chlöe, Kodak Black, G Herbo, and Yung Bleu to Gunna’s fellow Atlanta-bred artists Young Thug, Future, 21 Savage, and Lil Baby. While that list of features looks great on paper, most — if not all — of them actually follow through on the hype.

Thus, in celebration of Gunna’s third studio album and the commercial culmination of the popular mixtape series that helped catapult him into rap stardom, here is a ranking of the seven best guest features on DS4EVER. Give the album a listen here, and let us know your picks in the comments.

07. Chlöe on “you & me” 

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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There were high expectations for Gunna and Chlöe’s unexpected team-up on “you & me,” and while the subdued love song isn’t as robust as some would have assumed, it is definitely catchy. The Chloe x Halle offshoot’s appearance on DS4EVER is reduced to singing interpolations of Jon B.’s “They Don't Know” and Usher’s “Nice & Slow,” but there’s no denying the quality of her vocal performance.

Quotable Lyrics

Don't listen to what people say
They don't know 'bout, 'bout you and me
Keep it out your mind 'cause it's jealousy
They don't know

06. Future on “pushin P”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Beyond the fact that Gunna, Future, and Young Thug may have already introduced the quintessential rap phrase of 2022, their DS4EVER collaboration “pushin P” is an infectious and well-assembled track from the three Atliens. Somehow, Future manages to steal the show even though he doesn’t deliver a full verse of his own or let alone rap for more than two consecutive lines. However, the villainous way in which he growls “pushin p” and interjects off-the-wall bars like “She not a lesbian, for P, she turn Pesbian” brings the track together, making his minimal contributions to “pushin P” extremely impactful.

Quotable Lyrics

Copped new hammers for my P, we don't want no peace
Dropped the dot and then we plot, exotic Ps

05. Lil Baby on “25k jacket”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Lil Baby kicks off “25k jacket” with undeniable energy and yet another “pushin P” reference, and while his verse is admittedly solid, his most memorable contribution to the song is the hook. Both charismatic and melodic, Lil Baby’s chorus makes for the perfect segway into Gunna’s verse, and it also serves as a nod to the duo’s long-documented chemistry.

Quotable Lyrics

Twenty-five thousand for a jacket, wear it once
Niggas acting like they getting active, no they don't
She ain't tryna live and get it cracking, go head on
Fast car cutting up in traffic, got one of those
We ain't nothing like these other rappers, weirdo
You been tryna save her, she get active, hero
Me and Gunna going back to back, here it go

04. Nechie on “life of sin”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Some of the best features on mainstream artists’ albums come from rising artists with a lot to prove, and Nechie’s guest appearance on “life of sin” marks an impressive breakout performance from Gunna’s close collaborator. It’s arguably the most “traditional” rap verse on DS4EVER, and the way in which he delivers lines like “For those who got it on they mind, we open up their chest” and “Simon Says-ass niggas, y'all some straight hoes” is reinvigorating. Nechie’s feature feels fresh, yet familiar, and even when stacked beside guest verses from some of the biggest names in the music industry, his stands out.

Quotable Lyrics

Blessings, tryna enjoy the essence of life
Gettin paid off melodies to help my folks see the light
Double M, give me the word and they'll be gone by the night
Believe it, they need to thank God they still breathing

03. Young Thug on “mop”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Whenever Young Thug and Gunna link up over wax, magic happens, and “mop” — while not as climactic as “Surf” or “Ski” — continues their long line of memorable collaborations, and perhaps that’s why the YSL Records founder brings more energy to “mop” than he did on “pushin P.” For the raunchy fourth track on DS4EVER, Young Thug skates over Dez Wright & Wheezy’s bouncing production, and while his bars are as quirky as ever, Thug’s low-key homage to his hometown during his first verse is especially enjoyable.

Quotable Lyrics

Ridin' down McAfee (Skrrt, skrrt)
Two gun, Pistol Pete (Mop)
Yeah, real right blood (Blood)
Booling me over my club (Club)
Yeah, spider web spud (Spider)

02. Chris Brown on “die alone”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Gunna dives even deeper into R&B territory on his new album, and if “you & me” is the appetizer, then the Yung Bleu and Chris Brown-assisted “die alone” is the main course. The three artists all hold their own on the track, but Chris Brown takes it to a completely different level. The Slime & B artist initially appears to offer background vocals during the hook, but after Yung Bleu bows out, he steps out with a scene-stealing verse of his own. Complete with soaring vocals and sensual lyrics, Chris Brown’s performance is downright incredible, and as a result, he closes out “die alone” with one of the most surprising standout contributions to DS4EVER.

Quotable Lyrics

Got you on your knees on a private island (Yeah)
Fuck you on the beach, turn you to a siren
Riptides wanna swallow me
Feel this tip and ride 'cause I'm the wave
Swimmin' in it like a Pisces, know that pussy like me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

01. 21 Savage on “thought i was playin”

Top 7 Features On Gunna's "DS4EVER"
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Lastly, the DS4EVER guest verse that has blown countless listeners away is 21 Savage’s feature on the controversial track “thought i was playing.” Aside from the confusion about what Gunna says towards the end of the second line in the song’s hook, “thought i was playing” has been receiving a lot of praise for 21 Savage’s hard-hitting verse. Both casual listeners and longtime fans of the Savage Mode II rapper will likely appreciate how bold and witty his bars are, from the shocking line about Kanye West dumping Kim Kardashian to the hilarious “lip fillers” bar. Most importantly, however, the energy is there, and if his verse on “thought i was playing” is any indicator of what 21 Savage’s 2022 output will be like, we’re all in for a treat.

Quotable Lyrics

Grave digger, big 4L, I'ma made nigga (21)
Say they twins, throw they body in the same river (On God)
Never tucked my tail, I went to war with real killers (Pussy)
I'm your wifey surgeon, dawg, I give her lip fillers (Pussy)

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