After an emotional year for many of us, things only got tougher when we found out King Von was shot and killed just a week after the release of his debut album, Welcome To O’BlockMany of us were just becoming familiar with King Von’s contribution to the game as a skilled storyteller, a real-life motivator, and of course a family man. For his close friend, Lil Durk, things hit even harder. After removing himself from social media for a little while, Durk returned to announce the surprise drop of The Voice, an album that had been in the works for a few months now

Durk told fans that The Voice was in honor of and a tribute to his fallen friend, King Von.

Lil Durk has never shied away from the pain he’s felt since growing up in Chicago. He’s lost far too many friends and family, and croons to the universe, “who told me death is easy?”, on the stand out track that features a voice note from King Von.

In a deeply emotional song that sees Durk reflecting on the loss has felt in his lifetime, “Death Ain’t Easy” is kicked off by a previously recorded voice note from King Von. True to what we know of him, Von was intense in the recording, while discussing a potentially dangerous encounter out in California. Rest Easy King Von. 

What do you guys think of the track?