• Big Boi Talks Upcoming Album, Collaborations With Indie Rock Artists
    Big Boi just kicked off a summer-long OutKast reunion tour with André 3000, but his thoughts are already on his next move. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter this week, the rapper revealed plans for several upcoming projects, the first of which is a new solo album. “I’m just working on it now,” Big Boi said. “I’ve got a lot of music, but it ain’t done...
  • T-Pain Thinks Hip-Hop Needs More "Original Content"
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    It's been quite a while since T-Pain graced the Top 40 charts that used to seem like his second home, but the "Rappa-Ternt-Sanga" still thinks he's one of the most original artists the game has ever seen. In a recent interview on Montana's Zoo 107.5 FM, Teddy Pain was outspoken about a recent lack of interesting content in the R&B and Hip-Hop worlds. Speaking with host Aaron Traylor, T-Pain...
  • Mural Depicting Kanye West As Crucified Jesus Christ Is Spotted In L.A.
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    In the midst of the holiest week of the year for Christians, an unknown Los Angeles street artist decided to celebrate in a fashion that may be deemed sacrilegious by some. A mural that depicts Kanye West as Jesus on the cross was spotted yesterday in L.A., just a day after Good Friday, the day Jesus was said to be crucified.  Bearing the words "The New Messiah?", the painting may...
  • 28 Grams: Hip-Hop Instagram Recap (April 19)
    Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and instantly burst into uncontrollable laughter? Raised your eyebrow? Scratched your head? Instantly smiled? Thought, "Damn. That's dope."?  Stared at your phone? Did an instant repost? HNHH is sure you've answered yes to at least one of those questions.  Because so many people are out in the streets flexin' and doing it for the gram, hip hop...
  • Christ Bearer May Have Been High On PCP When He Mutilated His Genitals
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    A strange and disturbing incident, which found Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Christ Bearer cutting off his penis and jumping from a second story balcony, left many (including RZA) looking for answers last week. According to witnesses interviewed at the scene of the gruesome incident, Christ Bearer, real name Andre Johnson was not under the influence of any drugs when he mutilated his genitals. The...
  • Drake Says "Jay Z Is Somewhere Eating A Fondue Plate" In TSN Interview
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    Drake and Jay Z have been throwing subtle shade at one another over the last couple of months, beginning with Drake's remark that Hov has been discussing art a little too much in his raps, to Jay's response referring to the OVO rapper as "Mrs. Drizzy". Drake came back with the line; "Just hits, no misses, that's for the married folk", but he hasn't buried the hatchet just yet. In a new interview...
  • Classic Rotation: Nas' "Illmatic" 20 Years Later
    Yeah, yeah, it's been twenty years and you're old now. Twenty years since those early copies of Illmatic graced those long-lost, seemingly eternally dusty, record store shelves (remember record stores? Yikes - it really has been twenty years) and showed some cats, and later the rest of the world, what Hip Hop was really supposed to sound like. This is the record that fashioned Nas as a permanent...
  • Top 10 NBA Playoff Questions
     It's finally arrived: Playoff Time. Let's break down what's on everyone's minds, answering the Top 10 Questions heading into this year's postseason...
  • T.I. Shoots Video For New Single, "Turn It"
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    T.I. has been fairly active on the feature and remix circuit, but we're still waiting on a new studio album from the Atlanta spitter. Tip has given us a lot material over the years, much of it free, but with influential projects like Trap Muzik and King, it's clearly something special when the rapper gets into album-mode. It seems the Kang is getting ready to drop a big single from his upcoming...
  • 15 Musical Hits From The Bong
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    Before you get on to reading, I feel a responsibility as this list's writer to inform the reading public that marijuana is bad. If you smoke it, you will get pregnant and/or die.  That being said, if you do choose to smoke the devil's lettuce in honor of the Waldos, here are a few ground rules: DO NOT talk about the last time you were high. Soon enough, these conversations will...
  • Mase Sued By Model Over Single Artwork
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    Mase released his comeback single, "Why Can't We", last December, and while it didn't really connect the way "Welcome Back" did, it has earned him a lawsuit.  According to Stephanie Delgado, the model who appears on the single's cover art, Mase swiped the picture off her Instagram without asking permission.  Delgado-- who goes by Stephanie Rao when modelling --is thus filing a...
  • 50 Cent Reveals Schoolboy Q Feature On "Animal Ambition"
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     Remember that 50 Cent and Schoolboy Q collaboration that was originally supposed to see life on Oxymoron, but never did? Well good news fam, it appears we’re about hear that record on 50’s new album Animal Ambition. In a new interview with German website HipHop.de, Fif revealed that the highly anticipated record with Schoolboy Q will now live on his upcoming album. Fif tells...
  • Jay Electronica Says He Has The Best Verse On "Control"
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     Jay Electronica isn't one to shy away from his thoughts on twitter. A few weeks ago, he took to the social media platform to vent out his frustration about so called “thugs" and crooked cops. Well on Friday, he was back at it with some more choice words during a fan Q&A. Jay spent several hours answering questions from fans on the current state of hip-hip & the media, but it...
  • RZA Responds To Wu-Tang Affiliate's Suicide Attempt
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    Earlier this week, we reported the disturbing story of Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper Andre Johnson (AKA Christ Bearer) cutting off his own penis and jumping from a second story balcony in an apparent suicide attempt. Now, XXL has caught up with the crew's de facto leader, RZA, to ask him about his thoughts on the incident.  RZA, who produced Christ Bearer's group Northstar's 2003 debut...
  • Lil Herb Reveals That He's Working With Common And Rich Homie Quan
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     Nicki Minaj's recent track "Chi-Raq" was the biggest look that Lil Herb's gotten thus far in his young career, and according to him, it's made a lot of other artists interested in him. In an interview published today in VIBE, the 18-year-old MC talked about working with Minaj, and how the collaboration led to him meeting Juelz Santana, Common and Rich Homie Quan. Read excerpts from the...
  • Nas Signs Boldy James On Newly-Launched Mass Appeal Imprint [Update: Boldy James Denies Signing To Mass Appeal]
    Boldy James is one of the illest rappers you probably haven't listened to yet, but we can expect that all to change very soon now that he's got the backing of the original Illmatic MC, Nas. We knew that Nas invested in the re-launched Mass Appeal magazine, and it turns out he's stepping things up a notch by launching a Mass Appeal label imprint. The first move was to sign Detroit's Boldy James, a...
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