What’s New In Battle Rap (November 28)

Battle rap is quickly growing as a culture. What was almost completely relegated to street corners and Youtube a few years ago has garnered national recognition, more tv programming, Pay-Per-View...

  • What’s New In Battle Rap (November 28)
    Battle rap is quickly growing as a culture. What was almost completely relegated to street corners and Youtube a few years ago has garnered national recognition, more tv programming, Pay-Per-View events, and other attention of the mainstream media. Hip Hop icons like Eminem and Snoop Dogg have put on events for the battle scene and at this rate things can only continue to expand. That being the...
  • Q-Tip Announces Lil Wayne's Induction To The Zulu Nation
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    The Universal Zulu Nation is an organization created by proto-hip hop icon Afrika Bambaaataa, aiming to use the genre to spread awareness of social and political issues. Many rappers have adopted the cause since its inception in the 70s, with Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, and De La Soul identifying as members. On of the most vocal participants has been Q-Tip, who has been planning...
  • Stream OG Maco's Debut EP, "OG Maco"
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    OG Maco exploded onto the scene with his infectiously aggressive ditty "U Guessed It", which attached big personality to its minimal production and video, and had at least 12 million people (including Beyonce?) looking. He hasn't stopped working since his breakthrough, dropping the entirely Cardo-produced project, Live Life 2 back in October. Still, his official debut was reserved for QC...
  • Read Up: 10 Good Rapper Biographies
    Rappers are not only given a talent to create stunning lyrical masterpieces, but often times, they've also survived incredibly rough upbringings and dangerous circumstances. While some document their story and their struggle in song, there are often plenty of details overlooked, which is why getting a biography on your favorite rapper is usually pretty exciting.  Several of the rap artists on...
  • Pusha T Explains Accidental Release Of "Lunch Money"
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    Pusha T's first single off the highly anticipated sophomore solo album King Push, "Lunch Money," left some fans a bit confused, while others were loving the aggressive rhymes and weird-ass beat. Whatever the case may be, the song was actually inadvertently leaked by Google Play, something which Pusha Ton discussed during a recent interview with Revolt TV. While we've only heard one record...
  • Tyler, The Creator Calls "Shady XV" "Ass"
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    Eminem's new two-disc album, one disc consisting of new records from Shady Records and the other a 'greatest hits' compilation, has been out for four days now and it's already been dissected and reviewed by critics and fans alike.  Tyler, the Creator has been vocal about his love for Eminem in the past, and when Em dropped Marshall Mathers LP 2 he didn't hesitate to offer his opinion,...
  • Top-5 Things Sneakerheads Are Thankful For
    It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the 4th of July, but alas, it is November and Thanksgiving is now in our rearview. Although some of you spend most of your time cursing bots, Supreme, Nike, and all of the instant sell-out releases, it's worth noting that us sneakerheads have more to be thankful for than you might realize.All of the advancements in technology have made these highly...
  • Stream/Download James Fauntleroy's Free Album "The Warmest Winter Ever"
    James Fauntleroy has been working as a songwriter behind the scenes for some time, but in the last year or so we've really seen him come into the foreground of the music industry. Appearing on tracks like Drake's "Girls Love Beyonce", J. Cole's "Born Sinner", and Big Sean's "World Ablaze", Fauntleroy has put in work with some of the biggest names in rap, but it...
  • B.o.B Talks Ferguson, "New Black" Mixtape & Fourth Album
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    Since breaking through in 2010, B.o.B has kept himself busy to say the least. The Atlanta artist demonstrated his versatility on his debut album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray and has continued to pump out projects since, releasing two more albums and a slew of mixtapes over the next 3 years. Despite putting out his No Genre 2 project earlier this year, the Bobby is not slowing down in any way,...
  • Behind The Beat: Suicideyear
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    James Prudhomme, who produces as Suicideyear, is only 18, though his virtuosity might suggest otherwise. He's a guy who isn’t afraid to let his youth (not inexperience) shine through. He lets his muddled teenage emotions pour into his work. He sounds like he’s 18—innocent, moody, and, ultimately, hopeful—albeit, one of the more talented 18-year-old producers you’ll ever encounter....
  • Stream Wu-Tang Clan's "A Better Tomorrow"
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    Wu-Tang Clan released the thought-provoking title track "A Better Tomorrow" yesterday, and slightly less than a week before the album is expected to drop, Warner (the Germany branch of the label, for whatever reason) has released an official album stream for it. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes here, and you can peep the full 15-song tracklist below before pressing play. A Better...
  • A$AP Ferg Announces "Ferg Forever" Mixtape, Shares Artwork [Update: Tracklist Revealed]
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    About a month back, A$AP Ferg announced that he was putting in work with DJ Drama on a new mixtape, and now we finally get a look at the presentation. Taking to Tumblr today, Young Fergenstein debuted the artwork for his upcoming project, which will be titled Ferg Forever.  According to the rapper himself, the logo depicted on the cover was created by his father, to whom Ferg promised he...
  • Artists Give Thanks & Give Back For Thanksgiving
    Thanks to the omnipresent social media, we often hear directly from the celebrity source. Whether its an artist's opinion on a recent game, a TV show, or what they ate for dinner last night, artists keep their fans in the loop 24/7. On holidays like Thanksgiving, this is no different. Rappers let fans know exactly what they're thankful this year, as we lead into a New Year. Some...
  • #TBT: RUN-DMC's Hottest Tracks
    In 1981, three Queens, New Yorkers got together to unknowingly change the course of music history. RUN-DMC is inarguably one of the greatest music groups of all time, and most definitely in the upper echelon of contributors to the hip-hop culture. It's safe to say that Hot New Hip-Hop would not exist without the contribution of these men: Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels and Jam Master Jay...
  • Run The Jewels Postpone Show After Their Bus Breaks Down & Merch Trailer Catches On Fire
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    Run The Jewels were forced to reschedule a show planned for tonight, at Montreal's Club Soda, after their tour bus not only broke down, but their merch trailer caught fire.  Killer Mike and El-P offered their apologies on Instagram, and tweeted about the incident. While this is probably the worst of it, their bus has had issues ever since St. Louis according to El-P. In order to make it to...
  • Big Sean Says His New Album Is "Pretty Much Ready"
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    Big Sean continues to tease us about his forthcoming album, which doesn't have a title just yet (at least not one we know of). During a recent interview with High Snobiety, where he claimed that Kanye West's Yeezi 3 are "definitely better" than the Yeezy 2s, Sean Don also spoke on his new album and revealed it's basically ready to go. Big Sean has spoke a bit on the album in the past, revealing...
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