Best Rap Albums & Songs Of February 2024

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Best Rap Albums Songs February 2024 Hip Hop News
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Also included on our roundup of the best hip-hop releases of this month are Quadeca, TiaCorine, and Armand Hammer. What are your favorites?

We're a sixth of the way through 2024, and while it was a slower month than its predecessor, February still held a lot of heat for hip-hop. Whether it was huge blockbusters, indie hits, or long-awaited returns, this year is much more exciting off the bat than in 2023's case. With that in mind, we can only dream of what else is in store for us this spring, when releases will get much more competitive. Make sure to hit the comments section to let us know what your favorite rap releases were this year, and what you think about the year so far for the genre and culture. So get your debate hats on and let's take a look at the best rap albums and songs of February 2024.

Yeat – 2093

Starting off with one of the best hip-hop LPs of the year so far, and debatably the best mainstream release of February. Yeat took a big step on this 20+ track behemoth, but brought with him the focus and vision of a concise 30-minute drop. 2093 is heavy, industrial, ethereal, visceral, hard-hitting, occasionally gorgeous, and yes, futuristic. But its impact and place in the rap canon for 2024 isn't because of any pushed boundaries, because this isn't the most revolutionary sound under the sun. It's because the Portland rapper (or alien, we should say) synthesized a lot of different inspiration points into something wholly his own.


Along a similar vein, we have this loose but consistently enthralling mixtape that makes something new out of... well, scraps. Quadeca released a few SCRAPYARD cuts last year as little EPs, and much of the material here was devised during the making of his captivating 2022 album, I Didn't Mean To Haunt You. While they didn't fit that tracklist, and the Bulgarian -– sorry, Californian creative said a couple of tracks made after it won't fit on his next, this still feels like a cohesive and cathartic record. Its blends of folk, indie rock, chamber pop, industrial hip-hop, alternative rap, and much more create a uniquely mid-fi portrait of a vulnerable but boundless artist. As far as the less traveled corners adjacent to the genre, nothing else in 2024 feels quite as special as this.

Little Simz – Drop 7 (EP)

For this next entry, we're leaving the underground and heading straight to the club to return home at 7AM the next morning. Little Simz kept fans fed ahead of her next full-length with a fun, vibrant, and punchy collection of electronic and dance-inspired cuts. There's drum and bass worship, a Jersey club jam, house-like rhythms, and even a trunk-knicking and authentic take on Brazilian funk. Regardless, we're sure that the English lyricist's next project will be more of a straightforward, complete, and grand experience. But as far as some great music to simply take in and enjoy with no frills, it doesn't get much more enjoyable or freeing than Drop 7.

Erick The Architect – I've Never Been Here Before

Flatbush Zombies are sorely missed in the hip-hop landscape today, but its members are still making their mark on the culture. But I've Never Been Here Before feels like a more personal and important artistic step for group member Erick the Architect, not like a retread of what makes the trio so great. It's a bit moodier than their most popular material and invokes a lot more genres and instrumentation styles, although it's as reminiscent of their woozy East Coast sensibilities as ever. Also, the album's sheer versatility really works in its favor and elevates it beyond a comeback moment. Don't let this one slip from your rotation in 2024.

GloRilla – "Yeah Glo!"

Now it's time to move on to singles, and there's only one thing we can say to this Memphis MC about her new banger, and that's "Yeah, Glo!" It's very simple: match GloRilla with a grimy and old-school hometown beat and let her flow on it, and you'll get an anthem for Bluff City. Still, what makes "Yeah Glo!" special in comparison to other takes on this is its infectious chorus and the 24-year-old's raw energy. While we remain patient for a long-form project soon, it's great to hear that she's still got it. Rarely can artists retain the same exciting spark that burst them onto the scene, and this song is a solid example of that.

Don Toliver – "Bandit"

Speaking of sparks, Don Toliver came through with "Bandit" in February, an absolute banger that calls back to his originally seamless fusions of dreamy R&B melodies and amped-up rap flows. Thanks to a triumphant and layered instrumental, the Houston crooner was able to craft one of his most high-octane offerings in recent memory. Sure, he's more well-known for his softer side these days, but fans are hoping that this kicks off a new era for him. After all, there are rock-adjacent acoustic drums and electric guitar chords here that sound like a stadium. It would be great to see the fusion that made Don such a star come back to the forefront of his work.

SZA – "Saturn"

Hopping over to the R&B realm, SZA surprised fans with a sultry, airy, and transportive preview ahead of her SOS deluxe, Lana. At least, that's what die-hards hope will land later this year, but we wouldn't be mad if Solana just drops more excellent loosies like these. Let's run through the checklist: beautiful vocal performance? Check. Hazy yet lush production with a strong melodic center? Check. An emotively resonant song structure longing for escape, peace, and fulfillment in a compelling and thoroughly entertaining way? Double check, because the TDE superstar made us long for both a trip to Saturn and a journey to whatever world she created "Saturn" in.

Armand Hammer – "Doves" ft. Benjamin Booker

Even though We Buy Diabetic Test Strips came out last year, even its bonus tracks are proving why it will likely be a standout album for years to come. Its creators Armand Hammer, with special guest Benjamin Booker, released "Doves" as an extra treat to this LP, and it's a near-nine-minute opus. It's mostly a pretty ambient experience, with group members billy woods and E L U C I D drop languid, complex, but absolutely gut-wrenching verses over it. Pianos, static, faint guitar, and a whole lot of lo-fi noise and distortion will put you in a meditative state. We'd call it a haunting experience, or perhaps a soothing one, but the pallet created by the balance of these two spaces is too evocative to put in a single box.

TiaCorine – "Olive" ft. Zelooperz

Back to the bangers, we have two wildly colorful spitters joining forces on a disgustingly nasty beat from BNYX. This cut appears on TiaCorine's Almost There EP, which is also deserving of a slot in the best projects section for this month. As for "Olive," it's all about their fast flows, zany deliveries, and how they're able to sound so effortless and locked in over this instrumental. Yeah, it's one of the most simple and immediate inclusions on this list, but play this in the car and you'll see what we mean. If not, don't fret: there are seven other gems on this short record, including "Blick" with Key Glock.

ScHoolboy Q – "Blueslides"

With this pick, you might have a pretty decent idea of who's going to make our "Best Rap Songs & Albums of March 2024" list. ScHoolboy Q dropped various non-streaming singles ahead of the release of his five-years-in-the-making album BLUE LIPS, of which "Blueslides" connected the most deeply with fans. Many rightfully see it as a tribute to Mac Miller, and the melancholy and tender piano sample compliments the TDE legend's reflections on his friend's loss. But it also moves through many other lyrical areas of struggle, mental health, overwhelming pressure, and much more. It's one of the most emotionally powerful cuts of the year so far, and a treat for hip-hop pen purists and production prudes alike.

Smino – "mister misfit but ain't missed a fit in months"

Finally, this St. Louis-born rhymer chose to once again prove why he's been one of the most exciting and idiosyncratic artists in the game. "mister misfit but ain't missed a fit in months" is not only one of the most fun hip-hop songs of the year so far, but an impressively dexterous rapping performance that treats flows like the world's most disposable camera: a quick and amazing snap, and onto the next. It's really like watching Smino dance on a tightrope, and he makes it all the way to the end without breaking a sweat. Please, please drop a project this year, Mr. Misfit!

Let us know your favorite rap songs and albums of the month in the comments section below!

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