Diddy Gives Rick Ross A Housewarming Gift For $37M Mansion

Diddy's helping Rick Ross mob around his new mansion in style.

BYJake Lyda
The After 2023, Hosted By Diddy & Doja Cat; A Richie Akiva Production

Rick Ross purchased a sweet Miami mansion this last week for a reported $37 million. Because of all those real estate fees and house payments, Diddy, who is now neighbors with Ricky Rozay, decided to give the man a next-level housewarming present. On Thursday night, Diddy gave Rick Ross a supercharged golf cart so he could get around Star Island, the neighborhood where they both live.

"This your housewarming gift, n*gga," Diddy said in a video Ross posted to his socials. "...But this right here is my housewarming gift because around Star Island — you could walk around Star Island, but it’s better to drive." But he offered a warning to the Georgia rapper: "I’m not playing with you, Rozay. No f*cking parties. No pool parties. I’m the head of the [committee], I don’t do none of that sh*t. You hear me? Rozay, we not doing none of that." (Diddy was clearly joking in the video.)

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Diddy & Rick Ross Are New Neighbors

Rick Ross has yet to sign the contract for his new house, but it's expected to go down in the next few weeks. The 40,000-square-foot estate has pristine ocean views, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a heated swimming pool, and an entertainment room. However, the rapper is looking to massively renovate the property to his satisfaction. The golf cart Diddy got for him will come in handy when he's looking at all of the changes to his mansion.

He can also possibly use the golf cart for DJ Khaled's charity golf classic, which already has Diddy on the roster. No word on if Rick Ross would actually play a round of golf for charity purposes. Nevertheless, he and Diddy went to the studio after the housewarming gift, where Ross teased some new music. Other famous neighbors in Star Island include Jennifer Lopez and NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal. With the golf cart and all these famous neighbors, we're certain Rick Ross will feel right at home in his new mansion.

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