Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, And Meek Mill Preview New Music

Rick Ross teased a new song on Instagram with DJ Khaled and Meek Mill.

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Rick Ross hopped on Instagram today to show followers that he's been in the studio with DJ Khaled and Meek Mill. He and Khaled groove to an unreleased track in a short clip. Photos of the duo posing alongside Meek Mill were also shared. The artist showed off bottles of Belaire, and French Montana even popped into a later clip to greet followers. It's unclear what project the artists were working on, or what the release date is for the previewed track.

In the clip, Rick also flexes a diamond-covered watch, similar to the one he just recently purchased. Rick Ross' new watch cost him around $20 million and took roughly three years to put together. The hefty price tag doesn't come as a shock to Rick Ross supporters, as he's known to frequently indulge in extravagant events and purchases.

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Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, And Meek Mill In The Studio

Just recently, it was also reported that he has his eye on another pricey venture. Apparently, he's under contract to buy a $37 million mansion in Miami Beach, FL. The massive home features six bedrooms and a whopping nine bathrooms.

Rick Ross and DJ Khaled previously appeared together in the 2008 music video for "Speedin'" featuring R. Kelly. In the music video, he appears to jump from a bridge in order to get away from law enforcement. Last week, the artist shared some behind the scenes details on the video shoot. He filmed from a boat near the bridge he's shown jumping from in the video. “Right behind me is the world-famous [bridge] that it look like Rozay jumped off in that DJ Khaled video,” he explains in the clip. “But just for the record, the homie that jumped off for me, he a real G," he continued, "he did it for $300. You feel me?“ The payment seemed pretty low to social media users, considering the wealth Rick Ross shows off all the time.

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