Wack 100 Suggests YFN Lucci Will Snitch On Young Thug, Gunna, & YSL

“Lucci on the victim’s side. So Lucci telling,” Wack reportedly said while on Clubhouse.

BYErika Marie
Wack 100 Suggests YFN Lucci Will Snitch On Young Thug, Gunna, & YSL

The RICO case involving Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 of their alleged YSL associates has stolen attention in Hip Hop. Artists have verbalized their support of the rappers and their label, but the details in the growing indictment have given some fans pause. According to one portion of the court documents, Lil Wayne is named as his 2015 tour bus shooting is brought into question. At the time, both Birdman and Young Thug were named by the authorities as persons of interest, but in the end, neither were charged with any crimes.

YFN Lucci was also named in the indictment as prosecutors alleged that two YSL associates contacted Thugger to obtain permission for a second attempt to take Lucci's life. He has been incarcerated on racketeering charges and months ago, Lucci was stabbed. Investigators suggest that the attack was YSL-related.

Lucci nor his team have commented on the allegations brought against Thug or Gunna, but one person who has a few thoughts is Wack 100. The music manager never hesitates to share his thoughts on Rap's biggest scandals, and he did just that on Clubhouse.

“Lucci’s name ain’t this case. Lucci on the victim’s side. So Lucci telling,” said Wack, suggesting that Lucci was cooperating against YSL. “Ain’t none of us know how this sh*t about to go. These people ain’t show their real hand yet. They showing the bare minimum my n*gga. Remember, I told you that. I hope [Young Thug] does come home, but we’re just being real about it.”

Listen to Wack's conversation below.

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