The backlash hasn’t stopped Wack 100 from chiming in with his takes on Hip Hop. Whether he’s calling out artists or getting himself involved in beefs, the music manager has never failed at commanding attention. Most recently, we reported on Wack’s comments about Bobby Shmurda‘s dancing, as he said that the New York rapper was losing street credibility over his moves.

Both artists and fans of Shmurda swiftly defended him, noting that after serving seven years in prison, Shmurda deserves to be happy on his own terms—even if that means gyrating in his music videos where he’s seen surrounded by dozens of beautiful women.

As conversations about that controversy subside, as well as those made about Master P, another quote from Wack 100 has made the rounds. This time, he targeted Meek Mill while speaking on Clubhouse. The chat included Joe Budden.

“He got axed to headline his own world tour. They had to cancel ’cause the tickets wasn’t selling,” said Wack. “You too mid-game to be doing eighty thousand units when you signed to Roc Nation. When you think of Meek Mill, you gon’ think because of the persona that he’s a A- [or] B-list artist.”

Wack argued that many times, people believe artists are bigger than they are due to the persona that it pushed, not because they are actually stacking numbers.

“No world tours, foreign or domestic. I haven’t seen no real type of endorsements, unless I missed it. I seen a little video game he had, but my homeboy did that, That was some indie sh*t. He had the Rick Ross push coming into the game. You would have thought he would have been on Rick Ross level when Rick Ross was at his phase.”

“This is nothing against him, I don’t know why he’s tied to Roc Nation,” said Wack. “That’s a great company. They reach is limitless. All the artists f*ck with them. Even though him and Game had they problems, Game still like doing music with him. They done three songs since the bullshi*t. I don’t know.”

Budden chimed in, but Wack stayed solid. Listen to it go down below.