Freddie Gibbs has arguably been one of the best rappers of the year, and we’re not the only ones who think so. In 2020, Freddie Gibbs continued his album streak with another incredible release. Unlike the Madlib collaborations of years prior, 2020’s Alfredo was a collaboration with yet another legendary producer, The Alchemist

Freddie Gibbs has never been afraid of confrontation and often seems to be inspired by it. Whether he’s “poking” fun at DJ Akademiks, or reigniting old beefs with Jeezy, Freddie always says what’s on his mind. In a recent tweet, he does the same.

Freddie Gibbs Sends Shots At Rapper That Wanted $50k For Feature
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Interscope Records

In this tweet, however, Freddie decides to show some mercy for the rapper, choosing to keep him unnamed. Freddie says that when he asked to work with said rapper 5 years ago, he tried to make Gibbs pay $50,000 for a verse. Obviously, that left a bad taste in Freddie’s mouth, because he didn’t pay it, and now that the artist is circling back with a request to do a song with him, Gibbs, whos arguably at the highest point of his career so far, opted to air him out on Twitter instead of doing the song.

Despite what Akademiks thinks, Freddie is the best he’s ever been and is very much on people’s radars. It makes sense that Gibbs is moving confidently. He’s a Grammy-nominated artist and has the respect of his peers behind him. 

It is interesting though that Gibbs decided not to name the artist in the tweet. Maybe it’s a sign of maturity. 

But what do you guys think?