Today has seen the unveiling of the 2021 Grammy Nominations, and as such, the news cycle has been absolutely flooded with hot takes, celebrations, explanations, theories, and straight-up displeasure. To be expected really. In spite of all the division, one category stands out as being particularly interesting -- Rap Album Of The Year.

Freddie Gibbs Grammy Nominations

Michael Bezjian/Getty Images 

With nominations for D Smoke, Royce Da 5'9", Freddie Gibbs, Nas, and Jay Electronica, many (including staunch Grammys detractor Eminem) were quick to praise the Recording Academy for getting it right. And let's be honest, each of the contenders really came through with their A-Game and deserve to be celebrated accordingly. For Freddie Gibbs, his first Grammy nomination marked a major personal milesto e, one that he actually sought back when Bandana was being crafted. And now that he's on the cusp of a possible victory with the Alchemist-produced Alfredo, it would appear his excitement has spilled over to his kids.

The self-proclaimed Skinny Suge recently let his guard down in an endearing and wholesome clip, one that finds him promising a Grammy family outing to his two young children as he smiles with happiness. It's a nice moment for one of the game's most consistently elite lyricists, who has gone frequently praised by his peers but seldom recognized by the mainstream at large. Perhaps, now that he's got a Grammy nomination under his belt, Freddie can take comfort in knowing that his work is being recognized on a wider level. 

Check out Freddie's feel-good clip below, and show some love to Alfredo in the comments -- do you think it has a chance at securing the prize?