Drake's Alleged DMs Exposed, Twitter Thinks Woman Fumbled The Bag

Twitter users have a lot to say about the woman who leaked Drake's alleged DMs.

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Today, Twitter user @itswyntertoo shared a screenshot of an alleged DM exchange between her and Drake. The screenshot was accompanied by a selfie, as well as another screenshot appearing to show Drake sending her $2500. "I may be big but your favorite rapper loves it," the OnlyFans model's cheeky caption reads. As expected, the post has gotten the attention of countless Twitter users, who have a lot to say about the alleged interaction.

Many are claiming the the chat never went down in the first place, but Wynter says the screenshots are real. Though it's unclear what the money was allegedly sent for, she's also getting hit with a great deal of criticism for attempting to "expose" Drake. Some people think that for his privacy, she should have kept the messages to herself. Others claim that her posting them will result in the artist never sending her money again.

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OnlyFans Model Posts Drake's Alleged DMs

The alleged DMs don't consist of anything too shocking. The two of them ask about each other's days, and eventually Drake allegedly asks what city she's in. When she says "Houston," he appears to want to hang out. Though she's been met with a fair bit of backlash for her post, Wynter says that she earns more than enough money from her OnlyFans account, noting that she doesn't need Drake's money. The popularity of the post has only gotten more eyes on her page, meaning that it could likely make her far more than $2500.

Twitter Reacts To Woman Leaking Drake's Alleged DMs

"Y’all saying I fumbled the bag but I’ve made over a million dollars on onlyfans," she wrote in a subsequent Tweet. "There was nothing for me to fumble lol." What do you think of Drake's alleged DMs getting leaked? Do you think this woman fumbled the bag? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Drake.

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