Drake's New Hairstyle Gets Him Roasted On Twitter

Drake recently debuted a new hairstyle, and social media users aren't letting it slide.

BYCaroline Fisher
Drake & Future In Concert - Atlanta, GA

Drake was recently seen hanging out with fellow artist Talameshia, debuting a creative new hairstyle. The Canadian performer rocks some luscious curls, which he styled with several rainbow-colored hair clips. Talameshia shared a photo of the two of them together on her socials, captioning it, "Just some Houston lightskins with our curls poppin."

The post has left social media users questioning Drake's new look. Unfortunately, for the most part, fans aren't feeling it. "This is only allowed because of his status," one social media user writes. Another says, "it’s a NO for me dawg." Though most users are full of jokes about his new 'do, some of his fans are coming to his defense.

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Drake Rocks Rainbow Hair Clips

"That’s my man and I’ma stick beside him," one commenter writes. It's clear that in many people's eyes, Drake can do no wrong. It's also safe to say that the Grammy-winning artist is unfazed by the criticism. Regardless, he continues to spark controversy for even the slightest things, recently prompting a major debate over his apparent mention of Megan Thee Stallion onstage. The performer was giving his friend in the audience a shoutout, and her name also happened to be Meg. Social media users called him out, claiming he was dissing the "Hot Girl Summer" songstress. Some even dug up their old beef, and things escalated from there. The clip was so controversial that eventually, the Meg Drake was actually referring to, MegYuup, chimed in. The photographer clapped back at a user claiming he was being messy. "Pls don’t start," she wrote. "He was CLARIFYING for the slow ones in the back such as yourself."

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Fans Question Drake's New Hairstyle

What do you think of Drake's rainbow hair clips? Do you think he deserves all the clowning he's getting online? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and check out some Twitter users' reactions below.


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