Sexyy Red & Jhene Aiko Are Surprisingly Similar, Music Lovers Point Out

The R&B darling did give us "P*$$Y Fair (OTW)," after all.

BYHayley Hynes

As the age-old saying goes, there's nothing new under the sun. Try as they might to craft unique images for themselves, many artists are simply a product of those who came before them, with a sprinkle of their own magic mixed in. Even some of those making music today are comparable to each other, whether they're operating in the same genre or not. According to Twitter users, Sexyy Red and Jhene Aiko are two such performers, largely due to the NSFW nature of their lyrics.

"Seen an [Instagram] Story that said, 'I'm a Jhene Aiko type of girl, not a Sexyy Red girl,'" one person tweeted this past week. "I almost replied, 'Diversify your portfolio,' but I ain't wanna get blocked 😂😂😂," they continued. Before long, a debate broke out on the app regarding how similar the two recording artists actually are. "There is very very very very little difference between the music Jhene Aiko has written and Sexyy Red's content," someone expressed. As receipts, they added screenshots of lyrics from the former's "On the Way" featuring Mila J and the latter's "Pound Town."

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Sexyy Red and Jhene Aiko Are More Similar Than We Thought

The redhead is obviously much more direct in her delivery, but it's hard to dispute that she and the mother of two are sending out the same messages. "People think Jhene is so wholesome because she's tiny and has a light, airy voice," another user speculated.

"That lady made a video with a bunch of Crips and at least one Blood to threaten her ex-husband," they pointed out. "She also sings 'P*$$Y Fairy.' Please be for real." Despite her gentle demeanour distracting us for years, it seems the internet is remembering the truth of Aiko's wild past.

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Twitter Pulls Out More Receipts

Keep scrolling to see the other evidence being brought forth regarding similarities between Jhene Aiko and Sexyy Red. Do you think the two women are trying to convey similar messages through their art? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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