Drake Blasts Fan For Throwing Vape On Stage: "You Got Some Real Life Evaluating To Do"

Drake roasted a fan in Brooklyn.

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A new clip circulating shows Drake roasting a fan during a show. The incident took place at his "It's All A Blur" tour performance at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night (July 20). An attendee apparently got a little too excited, tossing their vape at the rapper on stage. Unfortunately for the fan, Drake didn't seem too happy about it. “Did you throw a vape over here? Come on. Who threw this? Who threw the vape?," he asked the crowd. “There’s no way you’re taking life serious if you think I’m gonna pick this vape up and vape with you at the f***ing Barclays Center," the rapper told them. "You got some real life evaluating to do.”

He went on to pick it up from the ground to investigate, later criticizing the "lemon mint" flavor of the vape. It's clear that Drake was fed up, which is fair considering the amount of objects that have been thrown at him on tour so far. Earlier this week, however, the rapper expressed his disappointment after an audience failed to throw any bras at him. "This is the first stage, I think, where I don’t have no bras, and I’m deeply disappointed," he told the crowd. "Don’t start throwing shoes and phones and s**t. If you got a bra, though, just let me know that I still got it."

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Drake Roasts Fan

Drake has been teasing his upcoming album, For All The Dogs, throughout the tour. He's got entire audiences barking like dogs, and even recently sported a doberman mask. At his show last night, the performer revealed that fans can expect to hear the LP very soon. No official release date has been confirmed yet, however, Drake says that the album will become available in "a couple weeks."

Recently, some special celebrity guests were also spotted at Drake and 21 Savage's Brooklyn show. Sexyy Red and Summer Walker appeared on the jumbotron, appearing to enjoy a night out on the town. It wasn't too surprising, seeing as though Drake just called the "Pound Town" rapper his "rightful wife."

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