The world’s fascination with true crime has been ever-increasing in the last two decades. As more docuseries about mysteries and murders have been produced, the more the public demands for networks to cater to the genre. There are entire channels devoted to sharing stories of people whose lives have been tragically taken by the hands of another. The Oxygen Network used to be the go-to spot for all thing ratchet with The Bad Girls Club, but even they’ve revamped themselves to becoming the next growing true crime one-stop-shop. The ID Channel is arguably the most popular, as they are consistently unveiling original content about murder and mayhem.

While millions of people are captivated with these gruesome stories, not everyone believes that they should be celebrated. One of the most talked-about murders is that of Jon Benét Ramsey, the six-year-old who was found dead in her basement on Christmas Day, 1996. Her death made headlines around the world, and although there have been plenty of suspects—including her parents—her case has never been solved.

The morbid curiosity into the Jon Benét murder has become a cultural phenomenon, and recently Ariana Grande found herself at the center of backlash in connection with the infamous case. A friend of the singer’s named Doug Middlebrook shared a newspaper cover of the slain child and in the comments, Ariana wrote, “I can’t WAIT for this to be your halloween look.” Middlebrook replied, “Working on it already.”

Social media users snapped at Ariana for being insensitive about the case, causing the singer to issue a public apology. “Yeah no i deleted it very quickly and understand that it’s not at all funny,” she wrote. “This was out of pocket and i sincerely apologize.” Yet, there is a small faction who believe people are being too sensitive when it comes to who-can-do-what on social media. People often push the limits of controversy, especially on All Hallows’ Eve, so there were others who didn’t think a Jon Benét Ramsey costume was anything to become upset about.