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  • Cover of DMX Is Pursuing Legal Action Over "Redemption Of The Beast"
    After a new DMX album, Redemption Of The Beast, was announced last week, DMX and Swizz Beatz quickly came forward to say that the album ws being released without their permission.
  • Cover of DMX Is Dropping An Album Next Week [Update: DMX & Swizz Beatz Say It's Unauthorized]
    Hints that DMX and Swizz Beatz were recording a new album have been floating around over the last year or so, but the lack of concrete information led us to believe that it wouldn't be coming anytime soon.
  • Cover of The 10 Most Outrageous DMX Videos On YouTube
    If you don't jump around when "Party Up" comes on, you're no friend of mine. At the real clubs, DMX's 90s singles still get spun on repeat. The fact remains he's one of the best selling rap artists of all time. His first three records, two in '98 and one in '99, went 4x, 3x, and 5x platinum respectively.
  • Cover of DMX Drops 250K To Save NY Home From Foreclosure
    Say what you will about DMX's criminal history, but the man has proven time-and-time-again that he's always willing to help those close to him.
  • Cover of Ja Rule Recalls Planned Collaborative Album With Jay Z & DMX
    Ja Rule, Jay Z, and DMX have had varying degrees of success since, but in the late 90s, all three of them were pretty much on top their game. It was around that time that the three rappers decided to come together for a supergroup, settling for the menacing name Murder Inc.
  • Cover of DMX In The Studio With Swizz Beatz & araabMUZIK
    We caught wind of a reunion of former-Ruff Ryders DMX and Swizz Beatz earlier in the year, but -- with the exception of a hilarious roller coaster video -- news of any new content from X quickly faded away.
  • Cover of DMX's Ex-Wife To Garnish $15,000/Month From Royalty Checks
    The financial struggles of DMX continue. Once again, the struggle comes courtesy of X's ex-wife, Tashera Simmons. Last we heard, DMX's house in New York was facing foreclosure, and according to the rapper it was his ex-wife's fault thanks to her reckless spending. 
  • Cover of A Brief History Of The Best Movie Roles Played By Rappers
    Today most celebrities are either double or triple threats, expanding their careers into other forms of the entertainment world. Rappers are no exception to this surge of multi-talented public figures and have been a part of the growth for sometime now.
  • Cover of DMX's House Facing Foreclosure, X Says It's Ex-Wife's Fault
    DMX's hard times aren't over just yet. Despite the good news that Swizz Beats is executive producing his new album, and the fact that he settled his child support debt, he's still in financial turmoil, some of which may be his estranged wife's fault.
  • Cover of DMX Announces 7-Stop-Tour In Texas
    He's made some stops abroad but DMX is ready to perform live stateside. He just announced embarcking on a tour across Texas, spanning seven stops. On his site, he announced the dates below, and they appeared as follows:
  • Cover of George Zimmerman Boxing Match With DMX Cancelled [Update: Now Promoter Says It's Not Cancelled]
    Although no one really thought it was a good idea to begin with, people were disappointed to learn that the Boxing Match between DMX and George Zimmerman has been cancelled. The promoter, Damon Feldman, announced via twitter:
  • Cover of DMX Talks About Upcoming Fight With George Zimmerman
    For some it's borderline offensive, for others it's completely offensive, but for all the notion of an upcoming "Celebrity" (since when does shooting an unarmed kid warrant celebrity status?) boxing match with none other than the ferocious DMX is transfixing.
  • Cover of DMX To Fight George Zimmerman In Celebrity Boxing Match [Update: Not Yet Official]
    It’s official! X gon’ give it to George Zimmerman. The former security guard, acquitted for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, will go head-to-head versus DMX in a celebrity boxing match.
  • Cover of George Zimmerman Is Game to Box With Game
    Since George Zimmerman agreed to participate in a "Celebrity" boxing match, Game has come forward as a volunteer to fight him in the ring saying, and we quote, he's "beat the fuck out him." DMX also came forward, offering to "piss on him," but that is another story.
  • Cover of DMX Discusses Eminem, The State Of Rap, Becoming A Pastor & More
    In a recent interview with Bulgarian urban media outlet 359HipHop, DMX discussed his legal troubles, Eminem's "Rap God" status, the evolution of the game and his aspiration to eventually become a pastor (not a priest).
  • Cover of DMX Settles Million-Dollar Child Support Case
    According to the insurmountable TMZ, it seems DMX has taken care of his back child support fees with the mother of one of his daughters, Patricia Trejo - a total of one million dollars over a period of 10 years, to be specific. 
  • Cover of Swizz Beatz Is Executive Producing DMX's New Album
    Finally, we hear some good news concerning DMX. After plenty of legal troubles, and even a judge denying DMX's filing bankruptcy, things may start looking up for the rapper, as he's working on a new album, to be executive produced by a familiar face, Swizz Beatz.
  • Cover of Justice Department Petitioning Against DMX's Bankruptcy Case [Update: Bankruptcy Denied By New York Judge]
    DMX can't seem to catch a break. The rapper who filed for bankruptcy in the summer, is facing some problems from the Justice Department when it comes to his filing. The Justice Department are none too happy with Darkman X, and are challenging his bankruptcy restructuring, because of delays and inconsistencies.
  • Cover of DMX Discusses Hotel Streaking & Legal Troubles On Dr. Phil
    DMX has not had the best year. Between filing for bankruptcy, being caught streaking a hotel hallway, and being arrested for a DUI, the rapper has not been portrayed very positively in the media. In an effort to humanize himself in the public eye, X appeared on the Dr.
  • Cover of DMX Is Apparently Down To His Last $50
    DMX hasn't been in the best place recently. Between streaking a hotel hallway, and seeking help from Dr. Phil, the rapper has certainly seen better days. Just when it seemed things couldn't get any worse for X, the rapper's file for bankruptcy has confirmed just how little he has to his name.
  • Cover of DMX To Appear On Dr. Phil
    Although DMX was none too happy with the result of his interview for Oprah's TV show "Iyanla: Fix My Life," he's seeking help once more in daytime television hosts, this time though, he's going with Dr. Phil.
  • Cover of DMX Runs Naked Through Hotel Hallway For No Particular Reason [Update: DMX Explains Incident]
    DMX was caught in the midst of strange behavior, and of course, TMZ has the footage. Dark Man X was at a hotel in Detroit last weekend, where he decided to run laps around the hallway of the hotel, naked.
  • Cover of DMX Arrested, Says The Cops Set Him Up [Update: DMX On House Arrest]
    Another night passed and DMX was arrested once more in South Carolina, where he currently resides. However, this time round DMX called out the cops immediately, yelling that he was set up.
  • Cover of DMX To Appear Alongside Chris Rock In Upcoming Film
    Despite recent legal and financial troubles, DMX is returning to acting. He'll be making a cameo appearance in an upcoming film starring Chris Rock, and is also working on a crime film called "Blame It On The Hustle".
  • Cover of DMX Files For Bankruptcy [Update: DMX's Publicist Releases Statement]
    Just days after DMX was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, the rapper finds himself in more trouble, this time financial. Court records show that DMX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following his arrest in South Carolina.
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