Karlissa Saffold Talks Blueface's Messy Childhood & "Swallowing Pride" To Like Jaidyn Alexis

When he was just a little boy, Blue's dad apparently threatened to leave Karlissa with their three kids. She obviously wasn't having any part in that.

BYHayley Hynes
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Like the rest of the world, Blueface is far from perfect. However, the 26-year-old's slip-ups are nearly all caught by the public, making him a person who often deals with persecution for everything from posting an NSFW photo of his youngest child on social media to allegedly cheating on his fiancee, Jaidyn Alexis. Through all the ups and downs, one person who's been constantly commentating on all the drama is the California native's mother, Karlissa Saffold.

Not only did she respond to his interview with Jason Lee by sitting down for one of her own with the Hollywood Unlocked CEO, but she's also continuing her tradition of spilling tea on Instagram Live for the world to hear. Though she's no longer with Blue's dad, Saffold still likes recalling some of their time spent together. According to her, a near-breakup between them once had her leaving an infant Jonathan Porter at her man's workplace when he threatened to walk away from Karlissa and their three kids.

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Blueface's Mom Once Left Him At His Dad's Work Amid Relationship Drama

"I should've left them in the basket at that church," Saffold ranted about her offspring on IG Live this past weekend. "When Jonathan's daddy ran off, and he thought I was about to have three kids by myself, y'all I ain't gonna lie, I took Jonathan in his car seat to his [dad's] job like it was a message," she recalled. "I dropped John off at the receptionist desk at John's daddy's job and said, 'I'll be back, I gotta go to work too.'"

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Karlissa Saffold Recalls Meeting Young Jaidyn Alexis

Elsewhere in the news, on The Jason Lee Show, the Porter family matriarch had plenty to say about Jaidyn Alexis. "He looked at me one day and said, 'She's not going anywhere. She's gonna be here for the rest of my life,'" Karlissa Saffold recalled of her teenage son and his girlfriend. "I literally had to swallow my pride and ask, 'Well, where the b**ch sleeping at?" Blueface's mom added.

Afterward, Jason Lee pointed out that the reality starlet really couldn't be mad at her child, as he was only standing behind a woman in ways that Saffold herself wasn't even receiving. Check out her reaction in the video above, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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