There was a time when Young Thug and Future had some sort of beef but truth be told, we’re glad they put that behind them. While the beef was pretty short-lived and essentially only existed on Twitter during the time, the two have since squashed it and continued working on music with each other. Today, Young Thug has previewed some new music featuring the HNDRXX rapper. 

In a short Instagram video on Thug’s story, he previewed a new collaboration of the two while Future was dancing with a money phone so large, that he needed to use two hands to hold it to his ear before he drops the large wad of cash on the floor. While Thug captioned it “Mood,” Future seems to be quite enthusiastic about the song as he amps himself up, hitting his own adlibs multiple times before the video gets cuts. 

Both Future and Thug have proven to be able to make hard hitting street music as well as some more R&B influenced music. While the two have proven to be a versatile powerhouse together, this song is sounding like it’ll definitely be some hard-hitting music for the streets. Hopefully, it ends up surfacing pretty soon. 

While the clip is only 15-second long, you could hear a bit of the hook of Future singing “We want all the smoke, we want all the smoke, we want all the smoke.” After that, you hear Thug wail “This money turn me on” over what sounds like some Metro Boomin’ production before the video gets cut. 

The two rappers have shown that they have very good chemistry together on wax. They recently linked up for the loosie “Way Longer” a few weeks back and before then, Future gave Thug an assist on “Relationship” off of E.B.B.T.G.

While it’s only a fifteen second clip, it’s safe to say that it’s bound to heat up the streets. Both Young Thug and Future share a lot of similarities. Aside being from Atlanta, the two have created their own lanes in hip hop that have gained many replicas.

Watch the clip below: