Future and Young Thug's triumphant studio summit earlier this week signaled the beginning of a new, tenuous era of peace and prosperity in the relationship between two of Atlanta's most popular rappers who have quarreled in the past, perhaps bothered by the traits their music shares in common: the prioritization of rhythm, cadence, and emotional tenor over lyrical content.

Future has always kept close to the mainstream but he is an auto-tune pioneer and influencer who paved the way for artists like Young Thug. And though Thug is more left-field than Future in almost every way, his hit-making ability arguably surpasses that of Future, who is eight years his senior. This has fostered an uneasy dynamic between the two in recent years

Click through the gallery to revisit old collaborations between the two, the time Thug almost signed to FBG, and their acrimonious Twitter beef.