G Herbo Says He's Not Only A Drill Rapper: "New York Is What I Fell In Love With"

G Herbo claims to be a "student of hip hop."

BYCaroline Fisher
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During a recent appearance on My Expert Opinion with Matt Hoffa, G Herbo discussed his musical influences. The Chicago-born rapper revealed that he doesn't identify as much with drill rap as he does with the New York hip hop scene, noting that it's where he gets his overall style from. “I represent Hip-Hop," he explained, "I’m a student of Hip-Hop."

"So, you started small when you talk about drill,” the artist continued, “New York is Hip-Hop. New York is what I fell in love with." He went on to say, "New York is the culture of Hip-Hop. The foundation of Hip-Hop, of rap music. That sh*t bigger than G Herbo. Drill is cool. That’s alright. Bet, G Herbo’s part of drill. I’m a part of history, too though. I’m a part of Hip-Hop.” “I got my whole style and my swag from New York,” he added. It's clear that G Herbo is set on representing something greater than just one subgenre of hip hop.

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G Herbo On Being A "Student Of Hip Hop"

Earlier this month, G Herbo accepted a plea deal in his wire fraud and identity theft case. He was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and more. Though the rapper could still be looking at some serious time behind bars for the 2020 arrest, he appears to be in good spirits. Recently, he even told TMZ that he "don't got a lot" on his plate. “I’m good, man," he added, "new music on the way."

He's accused of stealing over $150K to fund his musical endeavors. Allegedly, he used the money "to travel to various concert venues and to advance his career by posting photographs and/or videos of himself on the private jets, in the exotic cars, and at the Jamaican villa." The artist recently posted on his Instagram Story, appearing to be confident that nobody will snitch on him. “I know Foenemm won’t tell on me like n***az told on Thug," he wrote. After pleading guilty, G Herbo was ordered to pay $140K in restitution to victims.

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