The argument surrounding who’s the greatest rap group of all time is certainly a complicated one. There’s a rather long list of legendary collectives within hip-hop who are worthy of a mention.

On Tuesday (December 27), battle rapper and My Expert Opinion host Math Hoffa took to his Instagram account to share his own personal list. His top five consist of Wu-Tang Clan, The LOX, G-Unit, A Tribe Called Quest, and Outkast, in that order.

Numbers six to 10 in his book are The Fugees, Run-D.M.C., Onyx, Three 6 Mafia, and Goodie Mob. He subsequently ranks Camp Lo at 11th, Dipset at 12th, and gives the 13th spot to Das EFX. Obviously, there are a couple of notable exclusions.

“These list[s] get tricky huh? Lol no bias… if you feel we left anyone out, place in the comments below,” the New York native writes in the post’s caption.

Later in the day, he shared a revised list, tweaking it slightly. This is seemingly based on some comments he was receiving. His top two remain the same, but he replaces G-Unit with Mobb Deep in the third spot and slots G-Unit down at seven. Additionally, Run-D.M.C. moves down to 8th, followed by N.W.A. at 9th and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at No. 10. Although he adds in four more spots, going up to 17, he still has Dipset last.

Of course, Hoffa’s initial list has stirred up some healthy debates on social media. “Math Hoffa GOAT list for hip hop groups is SEWER WATER[!] Outkast 5?? No NWA??? No Public Enemy??!! Give this man Donkey of The Day @cthagod,” writes one Twitter user.

“Math Hoffa’s ‘greatest groups’ ever is laughable. It’s why people have to start saying ‘FAVORITE’…saying ‘greatest’ opens it up to critique and we’re gonna laugh out the building. that list is ass,” another user writes in response.

Evidently, it seems as though any list will spark debates, considering everyone has their own biases.

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