Curren$y Delays Alchemist-Produced "Half Moon Bay" Until 2022

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Spitta said Al wants to release the joint mixtape next year.

If you're listing the most prolific rappers of the last two decades, there no way Curren$y isn't close to the top of the list. 

Since signing to Master P's No Limit Records in 2002, bouncing to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment in 2004 and establishing his own Jet Life Recordings imprint under Warner Bros in 2011, Spitta has recorded and released an inhuman amount of music, proving that the now-40-year-old has an unparalleled work ethic and endless stream of some of the best raps hip hop has to offer. 

Curren$y Delays <a href="/profile/alchemist" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Alchemist</a>-Produced "Half Moon Bay" Until 2022
Ryan Theriot/Getty Images

Back in August, Curren$y revealed his plans to release seven new projects before the end of 2021. Each project was to be produced a different producer and according to the man himself, would be released every couple of weeks through the end of December. 

And until today (December 7), Spitta was right on schedule. Releasing Highest In Charge on August 27, Matching Rolexes on September 17, Still Stoned On Ocean on October 8, Regatta on October 29 and Land Air Sea on November 29, the New Orleans native was building up to arguably the most anticipated project of the seven-album schedule—Half Moon Bayproduced entirely by hip hop legend and longtime Curren$y collaborator, The Alchemist. 

Unfortunately, Half Moon Bay will not arrive on December 10 as originally scheduled. 

In a recent Instagram post featuring a photo of he and the Alfredo producer, Curren$y revealed that Al asked him to move the Half Moon Bay release date until 2022, and that he obliged. 

"Al wants to wait until next year y’all.... that’s my brother so I’m already in the car sliding with him on whatever he wants to do," he wrote. "Don't trip we got y’all covered." 

While a delay will certainly precipitate disappointment, Spitta ensured that he and Alchemist had fans "covered." What exactly that means is yet to be seen, but with Alchemist and ALC Records also dropping a complete vinyl and cassette collection for his 2019 mixtape with Action BronsonLamb Over Rice on December 10, it's clear both parties didn't want any overlap when it comes to Half Moon Bay

Keep an eye out for Half Moon Bay in 2022 and let us know which recent Curren$y project is your favorite down in the comments. 

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