Curren$y Details The Hospital Visit That Turned Him Off Of Blunts On "How To Roll"

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July 04, 2021 13:19

Curren$y details the discussion with his doctor that led him to start smoking papers and recounts the first time he had high sex on the latest episode of "How To Roll."

There are few stoners in the world that are as prolific as Spitta Andretti, better known as Curren$y. The New Orleans rapper created his own cannabis-centric lane during the blog era that's cultivated a cult-like following. These days, he owns a cannabis company and continues to shift hip-hop and cannabis culture forward.

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While Backwoods are still prevalent in rap culture, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y are largely responsible for the resurgence of rolling papers in the past decade. During part two of his episode of How To Roll, Curren$y detailed a visit to urgent care that ultimately ended his run with blunts. The rapper explained that he believed he had throat cancer but the doctor told him it was strep throat. "Went to the doctor and she's like, 'it's strep throat and it's only because your smoking some harsh things,'" he recalled. He said that doctor advised him that all he needed to do was roll his weed with something other than tobacco.

Spitta explained there were multiple benefits to transitioning to rolling papers, outside of the obvious implications blunts have had on his health. "That shit made everything work because I had something else to rap about in my music. It added another level to my music of shit that wasn't already around and it created a subculture," he said. "It helped because that's really what you want to do. You want to normalize things, make shit cool. Muhfuckas always probably wanted to smoke those joints but they wanted to smoke blunts because that's what the songs were about."

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"Now, I'm like, look, smoke a joint. Now, these kids are in better shape," he continued. "These kids were in better shape than we were, listening to them talk about fuckin' smokin' a blunt. And we're smoking blunts, [like], 'I don't know, man. My back hurts. I don't want to study.' ... We just became trash bags and then these other kids are smokin' joints and they fuckin' settin' up studios on their laptops and making millions of dollars and changing their parents' lives. Credit me for that, you know what I'm sayin'."

Elsewhere in the interview, Spitta shared a hilarious story about the first time he had high sex. He explained that he had a homegirl that friendzoned him because of how annoying he would get when he was high. However, after finally telling him that he got on his nerves, Spitta adjusted his stoned behavior and successfully shot his shot. However, his first time having sex when he was stoned became partially overwhelming.

"Then when we started fuckin', there were times where I didn't exactly know who it was. Like, I was in my mind -- like, I'm going to town, physically there and then in my mind, like, 'Who am I behind? Who the fuck is this?'" Spitta said. "It's just because my mind was trying to grasp, like, you are high, bruh. That was my first time being high so I'm like trying to be high and I'm trying to fuck and I'm watching TV. It's just a lot. So, I didn't even know who she was at certain points."

Check out "How To Roll" part two with Spitta above and check out part one here. 

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