It’s not uncommon for entertainers to date or get involved with their friends’ exes. It can often make for uncomfortable circumstances, and it seems that Rick Ross has involved himself in some drama with his ex Briteady. Over the weened,, Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams shared a photo of herself in a nightie as she promoted Rozay’s rosé. The rapper later commented that he wanted Jennifer to send him “the original pic” and fans went wild.

Then, Rick Ross’s ex Briteady unleashed her disapproval over on Instagram. “B*tches be at your crib for Christmas with your family then asking your hair Stylist for the same bob hairstyle then go fck on ur ex a month later #aintnogirlcodewoah,” Briteady wrote. “Thirsty ass groupie b*tch… Shoulda left you a nappy headed ass b*tch.” Then, “I’d @ her but @jenniferwilliams blocked me.”

Briteady eventually ended her evening at a club as she shared an Instagram Story of herself twerking with a cocktail in hand. However, she did drop off one last message where she wrote that she typically minds her own business but “principles are principles.” This isn’t the first scandal Jennifer Williams has been apart of; Tami Roman accused her Basketball Wives co-star of being having an affair with Michael Jordan when he was married to his first wife. Check out Briteady pick a few bones with Jennifer below.