He's not married to Evelyn Lozada. He isn't in a relationship with OG Chijindu. He isn't even featured on Basketball Wives. Yet, somehow Chad Ochocinco's name has become a hot topic between the VH1 reality stars. This season of Basketball Wives has been a wild ride for its fans who have watched as the tension has risen between Evelyn and retired Legends Football League (also referred to as the Lingerie Football League) player OG. Things have escalated from TV screens to social media as recent episodes have involved Evelyn's ex-husband and former NFL star, Chad Ochocinco.

In an argument between the ladies, Evelyn took a jab at OG about her relationship with basketball player Kwame Alexander. In retaliation, OG mentioned that at one time Chad was interested in her and she said she had the DMs to prove it. Evelyn asked Chad for those messages and suggested that if Kwame were to get his hands on them, OG would be in trouble because they show she was thirsting after Ochocinco before and after she got with her man.

OG attempted to clear her name by sharing the messages online, herself, but it just tangled the web she's already weaved. Evelyn, too, shared the private message exchange between Chad and OG, but it showed much more than the former female football player bargained for. Fans have criticized both women for arguing over a man that neither one of them is in a relationship with. Meanwhile, thousands of fans have signed a petition to have Evelyn booted off of Basketball Wives over accusations that she regularly displays racist behaviors. Swipe through the drama below.