Even if you've never watched an episode of Basketball Wives in your life you're probably aware of the drama surrounding Evelyn Lozada and her co-stars on the show. The 43-year-old has been accused of being a racist bully after her comments towards CeCe and her never-ending battle with Ogom "OG" Chijindu. Considering the amount of hate and towards Evelyn amid her foolish behaviour, fans of the show just can't seem to grasp why Shaunie O’Neal has her back and is defending her.

"Shaunie O'Neal and Evelyn Lozada are evil ,Shaunie O'Neal back up Evelyn Lozada for the nastiness and wickedness that she does. I bet you any money Shaunie O'Neal have made some racist comments about OG as well ,you know demons stick together," one Twitter user wrote

Shaunie recently opened up about the series and while she said the show is by no means fake, the editing is what misleads viewers into a false reality. "Don’t get so invested.  I sometimes think people don’t understand how Reality TV works. We have a whole lot of filming and it gets condensed down to highlights," she said. 

Despite her explanation, viewers are still letting her have it. Peep the reactions below.