The timing of 50 Cent’s rebuttal is right on the money. Ja Rule opened his Drink Champs podcast appearance with a surprising level of nonchalance towards his old foe, 50 Cent. He explained that he simply outgrew their rivalry, as unspectacular as that may sound. “We’re two kids from fucking Queens, from the bottom, we started with nothing,” said Rule. “We made something of ourselves, and we’re both in good positions in our lives.” That being said, 50 Cent has to agree to a truce before anything comes to pass, and by the looks of it, he’s not willing to call back the cavalry.  

50 Cent’s rebuttal to Ja Rule occurred in the comment section of an Instagram posting. Ja was in the midst of apologizing to fans in Syracuse for a show cancellation, something he says was out of his control. Mind you, 50 Cent caught wind of this, like a suspicious ex-lover doing the daily rounds, only to uncloak himself out of impulsivity. The message being: “don’t nobody want to see that shit” other than the measly 10 concert tickets 50 claims he sold. Like the strange discourse over Busta Rhymes’ “neck tissue” before this, 50’s hateful antics have become so ingrained that I’ve lost count of whom he actually despises, Ja Rule included.