The substances and laughs flow in equal measure as two hip-hop icons talk shop. Though Ja Rule has been ridiculed, largely over his involvement in a beef with the combined forces of Shady, Aftermath, and G-Unit, the fact remains that Ja is an icon in the game. If you can't name a Ja Rule hit, it's not because he doesn't have one; it's simply because the scope of your knowledge is limited. In any case, there is a time and a place for taking the piss outta Ja Rule, and evidently, this is not one of them.

Taking to Noreaga's "Drink Champs" podcast, Ja Rule sits down for a jovial reflection on the ups and downs of his legacy. Naturally, he opens up about 50 Cent (around the fifty-six-minute mark), with a surprising lack of animosity. In fact, Ja actually draws a parallel between them. "We're two kids from fucking Queens, from the bottom, we started with nothing," says Rule. "We made something of ourselves, and we're both in good positions in our lives." He explains that they don't exactly care about each other, but they're ultimately fine. Still, that didn't stop him from getting in a little shot, when Nore asks whether he watches Power.

"Nah," says Rule. "But I hear Courtney Kemp has an amazing show." 

For more from Ja, including his come-up, the inner workings of Murda Inc, and general anecdotes from a simpler time, be sure to catch the interview in full; there's even an unexpected appearance from Grafh, around the halfway mark.