At the height of his career, Lex Luger’s phone rang non-stop. His early trap sound signalled a gear shift in rap music, helping several well known rappers build a successful template in the process. His name has been noticeably absent from the ledger, for the past five or so years. Lex Luger took a moment to share his account of what wrong in an interview with The Fader. Incidentally, he isn’t here to pitch a memoir, quite the opposite. Luger is back on his grizzly, like he never skipped a beat.

Luger told Fader that at his worst, he was swallowing 5 to 6 Xanax tablet a day, this before he sought help from a rehab facility. His drug addiction came at a time where he felt overwhelmed by the demands of profession and his fatherly responsibilities 

“It’s like, Alright, cool, I can do all of this, but then I’m missing out on my daughter’s first day of school. I had a hard time balancing it because I was going hard at the music thing,” Luger confessed. “So I completely let go of music and was doing good with the family. Now, I’m 27 and learning how to balance both at the same time.”

Lex Luger also shed a light on his falling out with fellow producer Southside, which he says is on the mend thanks to his sobriety. Luger also listed producers he feels have taken up the mantle he left behind, artists like Pi’erre Bourne, Metro Boomin, Tay Keith, DJ Mustard and Mike WiLL Made-It. Hopefully Lex Luger can return to his former glory, he’s only 27 years old, it’s hard to believe.