Michael Rainey Jr. Appears To Be Groped By Sister Of Streamer In Shocking Clip

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"Power Book II: Ghost" Season 4 Premiere - Arrivals
Michael Rainey Jr. at the season 4 premiere of "Power Book II: Ghost" held at The Hammerstein Ballroom on June 6, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by John Nacion/Variety via Getty Images)
Streamers sibling crosses the line with the "Power" actor.

On Monday, June 10, a video of Michael Rainey Jr. during TyTy James' livestream went viral. It appears that the 23-year-old performer is being sexually assaulted in footage from the webcast. In one scene, TyTy James' sister appears to touch the Power Book II: Ghost star in the crotch area, and Michael Rainey Jr. displays a noticeably uncomfortable expression. The host of Thetylilshow spoke with his live chat audience about the incident. “Word to my mother, I’m trying to literally ignore the s### but I’m getting texts, the energy shifted and n##### just got up and left,” TyTy James said in a live video message.

The social media personality also stated, “This is your crib. It’s about hospitality that means everything. Stop telling me to ignore it because when I tried to ignore it y’all dick-riders were spamming it.” TyTy James went on to discuss his interactions with Michael Rainey Jr. and other celebrities. Then he defended his family member for allegedly abusing Rainey on his show. “She never seen somebody that caliber so she start…. That’s my sister so I’m not gonna say nothing bad about her. I’m gonna just check her and tell her, ‘You ain’t gotta be on that. We all the same. We all human,” James expressed. He also added, “Nothing ever got me more mad than this.”

Michael Rainey Jr. Groped By Sister Of Streamer

Michael Rainey Jr. has not yet commented on the event, but the viral footage has caused a stir on social media. "She doesn't hang around celebrities like that, so that girl is weird as hell for touching on Michael Rainey like that, and her brother is just as weird for trying to justify her," a fan says via X. "It's ridiculous that Michael Rainey Jr. was touched in such a way while live. Another says, "As you can see, he was uncomfortable AF." Michael Rainey Jr. has been appearing in interviews with the media in order to promote Power Book II: Ghost's fourth season premiere. On Friday, June 7, the criminal drama featuring 50 Cent made its comeback to the Starz network.

The popular show Power's Tariq is the part for which Rainey, 23, is best known. This is the final season of the show. Rainey Jr. is part of a cast that also includes Mary J. Blige, Method Man, Gianni Paolo, Woody McClain, Michael Ealy, and others in Power Book II: Ghost. September 6, 2020, was the initial launch date of the Power spinoff. Overall, what happened to Rainey is inappropriate and unacceptable.


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