Method Man

Real Name
Clifford Smith
Alias Name
Johnny Blaze, Methtical, MZA, Shakwon, The Panty Raider, etc.
Date of Birth
Feb. 02, 1971 - Age 52
Staten Island, New York
Def Jam Recordings
Johnny Blaze, Methtical, MZA, Shakwon, The Panty Raider, etc.

Artist Bio

Method Man, AKA, Johnny Blaze, AKA, Methtical, AKA MZA, AKA Shakwon, AKA The Panty Raider, AKAa Tical, AKA Ticallion Stallion, AKA Hot Nixon, AKA John-John McLann, AKA John-John Blaizini, AKA Johnny Dangerous, AKA The Ghost Rider, AKA Long John Silver, AKA Iron Lung, AKA Hot Nikkels, AKA Big John Stud needs little introduction. By far the most visible member of the Wu-Tang Cream, not to mention one half of the indelible Redman and Method Man duo, he's released four solo studio albums as well as three collaborative projects outside of the Wu canon, having worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Spice 1, Shaq, Foxy Brown, LL Cool J, Canibus, DMX, Limp Bizkit and many more throughout his prolific 22-year career. Most recently, he announced a new mixtape titled The Meth Lab, and is currently working on that. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Methtical.