Soulja Boy Vs. Metro Boomin & 21 Savage: Why Are They Beefing?

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STONE MOUNTAIN, GA - DECEMBER 21: Rapper 21 Savage attends 21 Savage 4th Annual Grant- A- Wish Event 2022 at Wade Walker Park YMCA on December 21, 2022 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 25: Soulja Boy arrives to the 2023 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage) HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 02: Metro Boomin attends the 2023 Variety Hitmakers Brunch at NYA WEST on December 02, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/WireImage)
Soulja Boy's beef with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin is much ado about nothing.

As if the rap scene wasn't chaotic enough, Soulja Boy, Metro Boomin, and 21 Savage have added to the ongoing drama in the hip-hop world. Lately, the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef dominated headlines after the mega superstars engaged each other in lyrical warfare. While Drake and Kendrick's beef has cooled a bit after the former released "The Heart Part 6," a new rap war is building, though not as grande as Drizzy and K. Dot's battle. This time, the rap beef that is gradually getting attention is between Soulja Boy, Metro Boomin, and 21 Savage.

Soulja Boy is not alien to speaking his mind. The rapper has blasted several artists, including Kanye West, Blueface, Drake, NBA YoungBoy, and Trouble. On the other hand, Metro Boomin found himself enmeshed in Drake's feud with Kendrick Lamar. Metro is also feuding with Drake, placing 21 Savage, who is close to both of them, in a tight situation. 21 Savage spoke about Drake and Metro's beef during an IG Live. He called the rapper and the producer his brothers and hoped they would resolve their issues. However, 21 Savage wasn't in peacemaker mode when he stood up for Metro after Soulja Boy came firing. Here is everything to know about the Soulja Boy vs. Metro Boomin and 21 Savage beef.

A 2012 Tweet Caused The Ruckus

Sadly for Metro Boomin, a fallout from his beef with Drake is that fans began digging for his old tweets. One of the resurfaced Metro Boomin tweets they found was from 2012, in which he dissed Soulja Boy. The tweet reads, "My phone rings to come to the studio with Jeezy. Yours rings to send Soulja Boy a pack of beats. Sit down." Whatever Metro Boomin meant with that, Soulja Boy wasn't pleased, and he soon reacted.

Soulja Boy's Warning To Metro Boomin & 21 Savage's Response

Not many people expected Soulja Boy to keep quiet after Metro Boomin's tweet about him was unearthed and went viral. Besides calling out anyone who pissed him off, Soulja Boy once blasted Nigerian artist Wizkid over a 2010 tweet. In 2010, Wizkid tweeted, "I swear soulja boy is wack!...jeeeezzzzz!" Twelve years later, Soulja Boy got wind of the tweet and replied, "Ya mama wack. Shut ya bitch ass up." With that sort of history, it was certain Soulja Boy would clap back at Metro after his tweet resurfaced, and he did just that.

Soulja Boy reacted to Metro's tweet about him by giving him 24 hours to delete. He commented on a post about the tweet, writing, "He got 24 hours to delete that tweet." However, 21 Savage responded to Soulja Boy's comment and said, "Or what." 21 Savage's response infuriated Soulja Boy, and he went on a full rampage against him.

21 Savage and Soulja Boy Trade Words Online

Firstly, Soulja took to his Instagram Story to label 21 Savage a British rapper and not from Atlanta. He wrote, "Boy you a bitch you not from the A you from the UK I really will slap the sh*t out you @21savage." Soulja Boy continued the onslaught against 21 Savage in an Instagram Live video, where he challenged the rapper and Metro to a boxing match, promising to beat them in front of the world. He also asked 21 Savage why he didn't say anything when Drake and Metro were feuding but chose to come out of his shell now.

On Mother's Day night, May 12, Soulja Boy continued his beef with Metro Boomin. He wished the music producer a happy Mother's Day, fully aware that Metro's mom was dead. Metro's mom, Leslie Joanne Wayne, reportedly died in a murder-suicide perpetrated by his stepdad. Soulja Boy also shared screenshots of alleged old messages between him and Metro in which the producer said he was trying to send Soulja Boy beats. Soulja Boy captioned the post, "You was tryna send me beats too p**sy a*s boy @MetroBoomin."

Again, Metro Boomin didn't respond to Soulja Boy's antics, but 21 Savage did. The "Bank Account" rapper posted a screenshot of a news article. The article reported that Soulja Boy had a negative net worth. Afterward, 21 Savage tweeted, "Speaking on a n**ga mama like sh*t a game you gone sh*t on yourself when I see you boy." However, Soulja Boy responded, "F*ck u and his mama lil boy. Nah umma swing on u when I see you lame."

Soulja Boy Gets More Heat But Remains Defiant

After bringing Metro Boomin's late mom into the beef, Soulja Boy was heavily criticized on social media. However, he responded to his critics in a post on X, saying, "I don’t give a f**k!!!! It’s always cool when a n***a come at me but when I defend myself it’s too much huh?! F**k that n***a mama!!!!!!!!!! Don’t speak on my name bitch!" Afterward, he continued his beef with Metro and 21 Savage by asking them to sign the boxing contract. He wrote, "I’ll beat the fuck out you @MetroBoomin and @21savage sign the boxing 🥊 contract since u p**sy n***az so tough!!!"

The "Crank That" crooner mentioned Metro's mom again in another post on X. However, this time, he suggested that Metro sacrificed his mom for fame. Soulja Boy posted, "You sacrificed your own mom @MetroBoomin you a puppet." In another post, Soulja Boy called out Metro again, writing, "All the streams, sales, money, and fame not gone bring your mom back @MetroBoomin was it worth it? I can say f**k this money and fame sh*t and still be a boss can you?"

In more X posts, Soulja Boy called Metro a "Pussy a** bi***h" and 21 Savage a "F**k n***a." He also posted, "F**k being relevant f**k this whole fake a*s rap game. And f**k all of yall." Not satisfied, Soulja Boy infuriated many people when he posted, "Dig that n***a mama up and throw her back in that b**ch," about Metro's late mom. Many fans slammed Soulja Boy for his "disgusting" and "disrespectful" tweets about the late Leslie, but he remained defiant and soon posted, "This make yall mad huh? I’m smoking mama metro in a fat a*s wood rn."

Soulja Boy Continues His Onslaught Against Metro Boomin But Gets No Response

Later, Soulja Boy shared a screenshot from a bank transaction that showed he received a million dollars from Warner Music. The post was in response to 21 Savage's earlier post about him having a negative net worth, and he made sure the Slaughter Gang rapper knew about it by tagging him in the post. Afterward, Soulja Boy expressed his feelings about 21 Savage, writing, "21 speaking on my name must be trippin, I cannot be scared of a n***a from Great Britain." So far, 21 Savage has not responded to any of Soulja Boy's recent tweets while Metro has chosen to ignore the "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" rapper's antics.

Much Ado About Nothing

The Soulja Boy vs. Metro Boomin and 21 Savage beef is unnecessary and almost laughable. There was really no reason for Soulja Boy to react angrily to a tweet from 12 years ago from a teenage Metro. Fine, he is known for not letting things go no matter how long ago they happened, but bringing Metro's late mom into the issue was wrong. Also, 21 Savage, knowing about Soulja Boy's antics on social media, should've realized that a response would only prolong its newsworthiness. Metro hasn't spared Soulja Boy a thought despite being tagged multiple times, and 21 Savage should have done the same. The rap scene is chaotic at the moment, and many rappers, known or unknown, might want to take advantage, but this is the wrong way to do so. No one knows if 21 Savage or Metro would respond to Soulja Boy. However, no one needs all that drama right now. The less said about this beef, the better!

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