Disturbing Metro Boomin Tweets Resurface Amidst Drake Battle

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Chance The Rapper Performs At The Fox Theater
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 21: Producer Metro Boomin performs during the "Family Matters Tour" at the Fox Theater on November 21, 2015 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)
Some of these tweets did NOT age well.

Metro Boomin instigated the great rap war of 2024. He pitted Drake against Kendrick Lamar, and the endless torrent of diss tracks since have been amazing. Lamar looks as though he won, or is at least winning, thanks to serious accusations he made about Drake's personal life. Metro co-signed a lot of what Lamar said on songs like "Meet the Grahams" and "Not Like Us." Unfortunately for the producer, his social media footprint is not spotless. Metro is currently running the "BBL Drizzy" challenge on social media, but that hasn't stopped X users from digging up some questionable Metro tweets.

Most of the tweets that have gone viral were posted between 2009 and 2014. They may reference to being with underage girls, which is exactly what Drake has been accused of. Some tweets have been deleted, but screenshots have been taken and collected on IG. "I'm tweeting via web like a f**king child molester," the producer tweeted in June 2012. Another one sees him liken himself to a "pedophile" at a grocery store. "Walking through the grocery store with both hands in my khakis," he wrote. "Like a true pedophile tho."

Metro Boomin Joked About Grooming Underage Girls

These posts mostly come off as jokes, but a surprising amount of them have been unearthed. The 2014 tweet reading "She might be young but she ready" has gained lots of attention in particular, with many fans criticizing the producer for making light of grooming. There's also a bizarre number of tweets that are aimed at Rihanna. Metro Boomin repeatedly makes fun of the pop star and her domestic abuse past with Chris Brown. He retweeted a 2009 post that read: "Chris Brown's album Graffiti is already outselling Rihanna's album... he just can't stop beating her." He also retweeted a 2013 post claiming that anybody who liked Rihanna's music was a "thot."

Metro Boomin worked with Rihanna on the song "Faded." Things get even more complicated, though, when considering the fact that Metro enlisted the father of Rihanna's children, ASAP Rocky, on his album to diss Drake. Rocky, and by extension, Rihanna, have been associated with Metro's side of the rap war. These tweets could greatly complicate matters. Metro has been caught deleting tweets before. He went through and got rid of anything that praised Drake after fans went digging, but these latest discoveries are going to be harder to dismiss.

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