Young Thug & Mariah The Scientist Relationship Timeline

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While the YSL RICO trial threw a wrench into their bond, the two seem no less supportive or committed to each other. How did it they get together?

Young Thug is currently behind bars for the YSL RICO case, a circumstance that's shrouded the phrase "cuffing season" in a dark cloud for him. But his flame Mariah The Scientist is dedicated and loving, even if their physical distance leaves a void impossible to fill. Still, many folks online have a lot of questions about their relationship. How and when did they get together, what's their current status, and who on Earth decided to leak a video of their prison phone call?! As it turns out, this couple endured rough patches of past, long-lasting romances, a massive wrench into their time together, but currently stand with heads held high -– and holding on tight to each other's hands.

November 2021: First Pics

Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug presumably began dating sometime around November 2021, when Young Stoner Life posted pictures on Instagram of them cozying up. Moreover, this came after December 2020 developments concerning Thugger's ex-fiancée Jerrika Karlae, on and off since 2015, who then accused him of abuse. However, in an HNHH interview in August 2021, she stated that they were in a great place, so either Mariah popped up very soon after this or she spoke from more of a friendship standpoint. Regardless, Karlae seemed to respond indifferently to this new romance rumor with the R&B singer, indicating that it didn't really bother her. Then, in late 2021 and early 2022 respectively, Thugger and The Scientist went on a date at an Atlanta Falcons game and appeared as a bride and groom in her music video for "Walked In," further fueling the fire.

August 2022: Young Thug's Arrest, Mariah The Scientist Makes It Official

Furthermore, things became more official in August 2022 after Young Thug's arrest in May, and after he set up a loving balloon and gift set-up for Mariah The Scientist from behind bars, which she shared on social media. Again, Karlae didn't bat an eye, and her comments on his prison stint indicate that she's as supportive and caring as ever. Mariah popped out for Thugger's birthday to return the favor, clapped back at people trying to cause beef between the three, and she and Thug thirsted for each other via some social media comments.

Aug.-Nov. 2023: "Baby Daddy" Rumors & New Releases

SEATTLE, WA - SEPTEMBER 01: Young Thug performs at Bumbershoot at Seattle Center on September 1, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Suzi Pratt/WireImage/Getty Images)

Things got even more set in stone when Mariah The Scientist declared the Atlanta trap sensation her "baby daddy" during a festival set in August of last year. We now know that "daddy" might just be a nickname, and not a pregnancy confirmation or anything like that. That aside, she continued to advocate for his freedom and double down on her support and their relationship, shedding light on what he's going through while locked up. Young Thug appeared in the 26-year-old's music video for "From A Woman," and he released the companion single "From A Man." The former appeared on her album To Be Eaten Alive in October 2023.

Meanwhile, coinciding with this release, Mariah The Scientist opened up more about their relationship and his incarceration. "It’s almost like jail solidified our relationship,” she expressed on Way Up With Angela Yee. “I’m willing to wait it out because I feel like he’s the one. If I didn’t really see that in him, I probably wouldn’t." Apparently, they see themselves as a married couple soon after he is free, which is a wholesome goal to maintain amid strife.

January 2024: YSL RICO Trial & Pooh Shiesty Shade

In addition, Mariah also attended Young Thug's trial on various days, and the two reportedly talk every day plus a weekly visit. One of these visits is the conversation that someone leaked online, which prompted a lot of backlash from regular social media users and superstars like Drake.

Folks also thought that Pooh Shiesty shaded them with a recent Instagram development in 2024, although he dismissed this interpretation. With all this in mind, all we can hope for is that they continue to support each other through this, whether it's their careers, their personal lives, or their relationship. But what do you think about Young Thug and Mariah The Scientist's connection now that you know the full story so far? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and stay posted on HNHH for more timeline breakdowns and to stay up to date on all things hip-hop.

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