Over the past few months, Young Thug and R&B sensation Mariah the Scientist have led many people to believe that they are a couple. This story first gained momentum when Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life, posted photos of the pair cuddling together in the club in early November 2021.

However, Young Stoner Life also happens to the label that Jerrika Karlae is signed to, Young Thug’s former longtime girlfriend. The two have even put out music together, including 2018’s “U Ain’t Smile Enough” with Lil Duke and 2020’s “Jimmy Choo” with Gunna

After these rumors of Thug and Mariah became widespread, Karlae fans were bewildered by this, considering how long-standing his relationship with Karlae was. Just this past August, Karlae had mentioned the idea of marriage with Thug, and had given him a whopping $100,000 birthday gift. Now, she seems to be on the outside looking in.

After they were first spotted together, Thug and Mariah kept seeing each other, whether it be on a date at an Atlanta Falcons game, or their recent music video for their 2021 collaborative summer track “Walked In.” The visuals, released this week, depict Thug and Mariah getting married and enjoying time together as a couple. This leads many to believe they have gone public with their relationship.

Yesterday (Jan. 15), it seemed that Karlae had caught wind of this, as she appeared to tweet that missed Young Thug: “I miss my baby daddy.”

In response to a post that hinted at Karlae subliminally tweeting at Thug, she commented that it was messing up her plan to potentially get Thug back: “dangggg y’all name dropping , gone mess up my lil motion. all in my bag of chips.”

Karlae Tweets She Misses Young Thug Amid Rumors He's Dating Mariah The Scientist
Via Instagram/@theneighborhoodtalk

Young Thug has not commented on his relationship with either Karlae or Mariah the Scientist since these rumors began, so it is left up to the fans to interpret how his love life is going nowadays.