G Herbo Sentencing Date Reportedly Moving To Early 2024

Herbo accepted a plea deal in his federal wire fraud and identity theft case back in the summer.

BYHayley Hynes
G Herbo In Concert - Atlanta, GA

Agreeing to a plea deal isn't easy for any rapper to do, especially after witnessing the ridicule Gunna faced for signing one in his YSL RICO case. However, G Herbo felt it was best for him and his family to follow in the "fukumean" artist's footsteps with his own wire fraud and identity theft investigation back in the summer. The Chicago rapper and his crew were arrested in December 2020, at which time they were indicted on fourteen charges. Among them were "booking trips, services, and other luxurious purchases while using stolen identities" on numerous occasions.

In addition, Herbo was in police custody in July 2023 due to illegal gun possession, only potentially worsening what lies ahead at his sentencing. Before accepting a plea, he was looking at up to 20 years in prison. Interestingly, the lyricist was in trouble again for lying to federal agents about his fraud case in 2021 after denying his guilt. As 2023 comes to a close, many thought Herb might have answers by now, but according to @ChicagoScene88 until Twitter, he'll get to spend the holiday season with his children before heading to court in the new year.

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G Herbo May Get to Spend Christmas with His Kids

"G Herbo's (NLMB) sentencing is moving forward to January 11, 2024," they announced on Sunday (November 19). It's unclear exactly what caused the delay, though social media users are pointing out that Herbo will be happy to have more time to secure funds to bulk up his commissary money through posting advertisements on his Instagram page. "That boy Herb been getting that commissary money ready, all them damn weed promos," one person commented on @akademiks' page.

It's already been almost six months since G Herbo accepted a plea deal in his wire fraud and identity theft case, but still, the "Chi-raq" collaborator is waiting on the final details of how much time he'll be serving for his crimes. Read more about the agreement between the embattled rapper and prosecutors at the link below, and leave your estimate as to what his sentence will be in the comments.

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