Concert Review: Travis Scott Turned So-Fi Stadium Into "Utopia" For A Night

It was a night to remember.

BYTallie Spencer
Wireless Festival 2023 - Day 2

Travis Scott made history at the SoFi Stadium on Sunday, November 5th. He brought his electrifying Utopia – Circus Maximus Tour to the stadium in Inglewood, California, and it was an experience to remember. This larger-than-life spectacle was a sensory overload, to say the least. It defied the boundaries of a traditional concert. In fact, Scott transported the audience to his world, or his UTOPIA. Complete with a stage that resembled a rock trail, an ambiance that consisted of cricket sounds, and an eerie smoke coming from the stage, it was anything but average. UTOPIA was the album released this year, five years after his last full-length studio project ASTROWORLD. The project came off as one of the most cohesive bodies of work of Scott's career thus far, and it earned him a No. 1 spot on Billboard's coveted Top 200 chart.

As far as transporting audiences to utopia, Travis did just that. Teezo Touchdown was the show's opener, and he enchanted audiences with his performance. From the moment the lights dimmed, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. Flames erupted from the stage as music began to play, adding to the intensity of the evening. The rock stage design seemed to have a life of its own, with flames spontaneously shooting up during select moments. Although most of the setlist consisted of music from Travis' latest album Utopia, he did in fact sprinkle in a few fan favorites from his discography.

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Travis Scott Transported People To Utopia

In fact, he started the set with "Hyena," and "Thank God," which set the energy for the night and definitely got the crowd hyped. These two songs are also the first to appear in chronological order on the album, too. Around 10 o'clock, a robotic, AI-sounding female voice pleasantly prepared people for Scott's lively entrance. Throughout the stadium, her voice could be heard announcing, "Greetings from Utopia. Before the show starts, open that s**t up." The robot was referring to the mosh pits that tend to ensue at Travis Scott's concerts. Finally, about 20 minutes after the announcement was made, Travis Scott made his grand entrance. Following the first two songs "Hyena" and "Thank God," he went into “Modern Jam” with Teezo Touchdown, followed up with "Aye" and then performed "sdp interlude."

The energy increased throughout the stadium with each song becoming more and more high-energy. There was even one moment when some fans tried hopping over the barricade to get to the floor. Some people made it, and ran off into the crowd. As more tried to jump the gate and get a front-row experience, security stopped that from happening. Moreover, towards the middle of the night, Scott kept the energy high. He performed three of his most popular songs, back-to-back, to which everyone knew the words. The songs were "Butterfly Effect," "Highest In The Room," and "Mamacita." This was truly the peak of the night as the entire stadium filled with 70,000 people, was standing and singing each song word for word.

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Scott Shared A Cute Moment With Stormi

His performance of "Mamacita" from 2014's sophomore mixtape, Days Before Rodeo, was a highlight of the night. It's a song that marked the early days of Travis Scott, and also signified his rise in the industry. He didn't stop there with taking the audience back. In fact, he dug deeper into the archives to perform "90210" from his 2015 debut studio album, Rodeo. The energy was still pretty insane as the audience relived the classics.

The night took an unexpected family twist when Scott's firstborn child, Stormi, made a surprise appearance. As the song "Mafia" played, Stormi made her cameo and rose onto the stage. With her fearless dad Travis Scott, the two rode the parasail structure together, harnessed in so that they could soar above the wild crowd. High above the mosh pits, fans witnessed an extraordinary father-daughter bonding moment, as Scott held Stormi's hand the entire time. It was a cute moment to witness, for sure. In addition to bringing Stormi out, Scott was pretty interactive with his fans as well. He selected two people from the crowd to ride the parasail at one point during the show. Two men in green masks were selected to rage atop the rocks, definitely making their night.

But, that's not all the surprises Scott had in store! He brought out King Vamp, also known as Playboi Carti to the stage for his performance of "Fe!n." The song's intro track played for at least 20 seconds before Carti emerged from the rocks. His surprise appearance had the crowd going crazy. It was definitely one of the most memorable surprise guest appearances of the night, and maybe even concert history, as the two powerhouses took the stage to turn the crowd up even more than they already were. It felt like an entire party inside the stadium as the flashing strobe lights made it feel like a club.

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Travis Scott Brought Out Playboi Carti

After Playboi Carti's appearance, Scott seamlessly segued into "Sicko Mode," keeping the energy levels cranked up to eleven. His trusty DJ, Chase B, was the sonic conductor. He ensured every transition between tracks was a flawlessly orchestrated symphony. The entire concert felt like an unbroken, exhilarating flow of music and movement, a testament to Scott's mastery in delivering an unforgettable live experience. The crowd was left in awe as the hits kept coming, making it a night to remember all the way through.

Finally, as the concert came to a close, it was clear that fans didn't want the party to end. Before ending his set, he took a moment to thank his fans with a clever transition into his last song. "I never thought of this dream coming true, this night has given me beyond chills... I have goosebumps." Furthermore, he closed out with a performance of "Goosebumps," one of his most popular and well-known songs. As people were walking out, "Telekinesis" played in the background. The night ended far too soon!

In retrospect, it was an unforgettable night that's going down in concert history. Travis Scott delivered an incredible performance, spanning from classics like "Mamacita" to the crowd-favorite "Highest In The Room." Stormi's adorable cameo and Playboi Carti's electric performance of "Fe!n" added extra layers of magic to the evening. The audience was caught in a euphoric trance, wishing for the night to last forever. It was a party that transcended time and left a mark on all who were fortunate enough to be part of it.

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