21 Savage Slams Kodak Black For Claiming That He "Switched Up"

21 Savage claims Kodak Black sounds jealous and entitled after the Broward County rapper called him out on "Drink Champs."

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Kodak Black’s interview on Drink Champs ruffled a few feathers but 21 Savage ultimately found himself in a rift with the Broward County MC. The feud is apparently a result of Drake and 21 Savage’s Her Loss album. Ultimately, 21 called cap after Kodak said that the ATL rapper “switched up” on him. On the livestream, the Atlanta rapper suggested Kodak Black was lying about him switching up on him. “Why the hell you always draggin sh*t? Making it seem like we have a problem or deeper than what it is. It ain’t nothin’, bruh, let it go,” Savage said. 

He added that Kodak isn’t the only person whose had to deal with hardships and hit him with the harsh reality. “You always trying to bring up the fact you went to jail and sh*t, like, that sh*t mean you deserve sh*t more than the next n***a,” Savage continued. “Every n***a that ever went to jail, this is what I want you to know: just because you went to jail, the world don’t owe you nothin’, bruh. You don’t deserve more than anybody else because you went to jail.

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21 Savage: You Sound Like You’re Jealous 

Savage suggested that Kodak Black’s frequent disses towards him stems from his own insecurities. “It really be sounding like you’re just, like I don’t know, like you jealous or some sh*t,” he said. “‘Oh, he did an album with Drake and switched up. I can’t do no album with him ‘cause he did an album with Savage.’ Who the f*ck say that type of sh*t? I don’t care who gotta do music with. It ain’t got nothing to do with me.” Savage added that Kodak Black is “in his feelings” before adding, “You switched up after I did the album with Drake. Shut up sometimes n***a, get yourself together and just live your life.”

This isn’t necessarily the first time there has been some sort of underlying friction between Savage and Kodak, although it always seemed to be slightly playful. However, Savage insisted that they weren’t ever that tight. “I can’t switch up on no rapper. I don’t even f*ckin’ know you like that,” he continued. “How can I switch up on you? N***as switch up on their friends and shit.” Savage insisted that he always showed love to Kodak In the past until he “started acting weird.” “And we don’t have the same morals. You not my type of n***a anyway,” he added. “Y’all n***as would let money change y’all… N***a will do the most weirdest sh*t and be like, ‘They paid me.’ I ain’t that type of n***a. I stand on what I stand on,” he added. Check the full clip above. 

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