Toosii Rides For Drake Amid "For All The Dogs" Criticism

According to Toosii, Drake's not making music for women in their mid-30s.

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Toosii: Naujour Tour - Atlanta, GA

Last week, Drake finally unveiled his eagerly-anticipated new project, For All The Dogs. Following months of teasing, fans couldn't wait to hear what Drake had in store for them on the new album. After it dropped, however, not everybody was impressed. Several critics have claimed to be disappointed in the 23-track LP, which features the likes of J. Cole, Yeat, Bad Bunny, SZA, and more.

Joe Budden, for example, took to his podcast to share that he misses the old Drake, claiming that he's now "rapping for the children." This clearly struck a nerve in the Canadian performer, who fired back with a lengthy message. Budden's not the only listener to be less-than-thrilled with Drake's latest offering, however. At the time of writing, For All The Dogs is scored at a 52/100 on Metacritic, marking the lowest aggregate score of all his projects so far.

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Toosii Claims Drake Isn't Making Music For People In Their Mid-30s

Toosii recently took to Instagram to weigh in amid the negative feedback, coming to the hitmaker's defense. According to him, those who aren't into the new album simply don't like it because it wasn't created for them. "People in their mid-30s talking about how they can't resonate with his music no more," he began. "You're in your f*cking mid-30s, you get what I'm saying?" Toosii went on to claim that those finding it difficult to relate to For All The Dogs just aren't living the "lifestyle" of his primary demographic. "Now if the younger crowd don't like the album then that's what it is," he added.

Toosii's take has prompted various commenters to chime in, noting that Drake himself is nearly 37-years-old. While many agree with Toosii, others think his comments don't disprove or discredit the criticism his new album's received. What do you think of Toosii coming to Drake's defense amid criticism of his new album? How are you liking For All The Dogs so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Drake and Toosii.

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