FYB J Mane Flexes New FBG Duck Tribute Tattoo

The Chicago-born performer is seen smoking a blunt in the new tattoo.

BYCaroline Fisher

FYB J Mane recently hopped on social media to show off his new tattoo. The rapper flexed the new back ink, revealing that it's a tribute to the late FBG Duck. The Chicago-born performer is seen smoking a blunt in the tattoo, alongside a couple other tributes to fallen friends.

FBG Duck passed away in August of 2020, after being shot multiple times in broad daylight outside of a store on the Gold Coast. Following the rapper's death, it was revealed that he allegedly had "price on his head" leading up to his passing. According to claims made by FBI informants, the bounty was allegedly placed by King Von at $50K and eventually raised to $100K. The unfortunate shooting also left his girlfriend and another associate injured. Various suspects were charged in the murder, which was reportedly the result of a gang rivalry.

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FYB J Mane's New FBG Duck Ink

Last month, fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk's name was once again brought into the conversation surrounding FBG Duck's death. Social media users brought attention to the case files of an FBI informant, which appeared to include a mention of the performer. In May of this year, FBG Duck's mother Lasheena Weekly also took to Instagram to give Durk a shoutout.

"As a mother that's lost her son to this senseless war that's divided Chicago," she began. "I’m proud to see that you are taking steps to bring our city together and stop the violence." Weekly continued, “You met with [new Mayor Brandon Johnson], now I’m asking that you meet with me and the @MothersOfPeace to take further steps to unite our city.” It's unconfirmed exactly how Durk could be connected to the murder case. It's clear, however, that it's probably the last thing he wants to be tied to. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on FYB J Mane and FBG Duck.

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