SZA’s career has truly blossomed this year with the release of her album CTRLShe’s been getting praised by artists and fans alike for the solid body of work that she put out. While we had to wait over three years between projects, we may get more music from her in sooner time than that. She tweeted out last night that she has some unreleased music that’s ready to be put out.

A Twitter user tweeted “i am. . . waitinggggggg for this,” with a video of SZA doing choreography to some unreleased music. While this isn’t something new, it always draws curiosity when unheard music from an artist surfaces. She quoted it and tweeted back “Man this video is literally shot n edited ..regret not putting it on the album . Das wat da delux is foe” with a smiley face at the end. It’s unfortunate that this song didn’t make the final cut of the album, for whatever reason. For a 14-second clip, it definitely sounds like it’s another smooth jam in the cut.

But with the album just dropping in early June, a bonus edition seems to be a pretty sweet gift to any fans that just want more SZA in their life. She’s still riding the wave of CTRL right now and the album has been a highlight of summer releases. So if she has unreleased music and videos in the cut, it’s hopeful that it’ll be seeing the light of the day pretty soon. 

While we hope for some sort of confirmation of this supposed deluxe edition dropping, Maroon 5 recently sought her out for an appearance on their latest single “What Lovers Do.”

We recently learned as well that she’d be grabbing the likes of Solange to direct the video for “The Weekend.” The song itself has been a fan favorite off of CTRL and will be the next single off of the project. Hopefully both new music from SZA and the “The Weekend” video come sooner rather than later.

Check the tweet below: