A video of Solange vibing out to SZA's "Love Galore" made the rounds on Twitter in July, leading SZA to extend an invitation to "hold hands and spin around the room" together. "Solana • Solange Spin for the win! Less make a date and dooo it," Solange replied. According to a new interview with USA Today, we may be seeing the results of that connection in SZA's upcoming video for CTRL highlight "The Weekend," which Solange is set to direct.

"I love her," SZA said of Solange, who she met a year ago and has been meaning to work with ever since. "I think the universe is just bringing us closer to each other. That's my homegirl." 

While she did not share details of the concept or release date, SZA promised "10 different locations and looks" for the upcoming video. Seeing that Solange and SZA have each given us some of the best music videos of the last two years in inventive clips like "Cranes In The Sky" and "Supermodel," expectations should be high.

Later on in the interview, SZA spoke of the surreal feeling of hearing "Love Galore," her first song to enter the Hot 100, on the radio. "Even it playing in the dollar store is still very unexpected to me," she said. "I've never heard my music (outside the studio), so when it's on the radio, I'm like, 'Are you sure?'"

SZA is nominated for Best New Artist at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards. Her TDE labelmate Kendrick Lamar recently showed his support for the singer to take home the award, praising her new album."I watched her slave over and over to make a masterpiece that not only represents her, but represents women all over the world,” he said. “[CTRL] is a record where it touched so many demographics — not only just women, but men. Something that we all can feel. It touched so many different spaces and connected with so many people."

Watch the full interview in which Kendrick also explains what drew him to collaborating with SZA on "Doves In The Wind" here.