Chloe Bailey Struggles Trying To Remove Her Wig: Watch

The singer was ready to try just about anything to get out of that lace front.

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Chloe Bailey Struggles Trying To Remove Her Wig: Watch

Chloe Bailey just attended the premiere of her sister Halle's new movie, The Little Mermaid. The sisters both walked the blue carpet at the event celebrating the release of the highly-anticipated film. Chloe looked stunning as usual, sporting a sparkling yellow dress with an opening in the front that showed off her toned physique. She also wore a lace front wig, which was a big change from her usual locs. Chloe posted about the event on Instagram afterward, where she referenced her close relationship with Halle. "The flounder to her ariel,” Chloe joked, likely talking about her bright yellow dress.

During an interview on the blue carpet, Chloe spoke to reporters about what the film could mean for the kids that watch it. “I get chills,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “To know that all of those beautiful girls will be able to see proper representation... whether you’re black or white or anything like that, you’ll be able to look at my sister and say, ‘I can be anything I want to be no matter what the world tells me is acceptable.' There could not be a more perfect Ariel.” The event went off without a hitch, it seems. Chloe did struggle to get out of her premiere look, however.

Chloe's Hairstylist Took The Night Off

In the video above, Chloe Bailey struggles with all her might to remove her lace front. It's an endearing video that reminds us of the human side of celebrities. The clip was shared on Instagram, and in it, Chloe was very straightforward about her lack of wig knowledge. "As a girl with locs, I'm very new to the lace front community," she said. She then talked about products that were recommended to her to remove the wig glue: alcohol and oil. "We're going to see how to get this off because I'm not trying to rip my edges out," Chloe said. After several attempts at removing the wig using only castor oil, the singer decided it was time for to try alcohol. After some time, it seemed to have worked like a charm.

In a repost by The Shade Room, fans took to the comment section to show love to Chloe and her sister, Halle. "Who is they mama, the fairy godmother?" one user said. "She raised them real good." Another chimed in to agree, saying "You can tell the Bailey sisters were raised with love, attention, and the Lord." Chloe certainly has the Lord, as she called on him several times while removing the wig. What do you think about Chloe's blue carpet look? Let us know in the comment section!

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