Chloe Bailey Cried Seeing Sister Halle In “Little Mermaid”

Chloe opened up to Drew about what seeing Halle as Ariel means to her.

BYNoah Grant
Chloe Bailey Cried Seeing Sister Halle In “Little Mermaid”

Chloe Bailey has been the target of a lot of hate recently. However, she shared a very sweet moment today on The Drew Barrymore Show. The singer was on the show to promote her new album, which has not been doing as well as many had hoped. However, always the positive force, Drew decided to focus on all of the good in Chloe's life. As such, she asked Chloe about her thoughts on Halle's part as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Chloe told Drew that she was actually in the middle of getting ready when the trailer dropped. She was waiting to get her hair and makeup done for an Oscars afterparty, but she made time to watch her sister. "I was screaming and I was crying,” Chloe said emotionally. “I was just screaming because she is a real-life mermaid, a siren, graceful in all her beauty. And people get to see what I’ve always seen since we were little girls.”

Chloe Has No Time For Haters

Chloe has been hard at work herself recently. In addition to her music, she has still been pursuing her acting career. Her latest role in Donald Glover's Amazon series, Swarm, got her quite a bit of negative attention. Many thought that a sex scene Chloe took part in was far too explicit. She disagrees. Chloe also played a lead role in the Peacock film Praise This. Her hard work is paying off, it seems, because she's certainly getting quite a bit of attention.

Regardless of the fact that her album did not sell extremely well, Chloe is pushing forward. Her In Pieces tour just kicked off, and it's already making headlines, if not exactly for the right reasons. On the opening night of her tour, Chloe responded to the hate that she's been receiving. “Make sure y’all are supporting the muthaf*ckin’ album,” the singer said. “F*ck what the f*ck everybody gotta f*ckin’ say, they can kiss my Black *ss. Because I know you guys love me and this is all I need.” She did make sure to thank her fans, though: “Thank you for loving me, thank you for being here, thank you for your energy.” What do you think of all the hate Chloe is getting? Is it warranted? Sound off in the comments.

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