Whether he is blazing the booth, smoking dabs with Alchemist and Knxwldge on Ancient Aliens, teasing us with the tracklist for Blue Chips 7000 or in the kitchen eating and cooking some fire ass food, we can’t seem to get enough of Action Bronson. It’s probably because the dude is just a walking legend with quite possibly the most interesting back story in recent history. The former respected fire-flame gourmet Chef was born and raised in the city of Flushing New York to his Muslim father and American Jewish Mother.

The culinary afficionado juggled Rap and his Chef hat for many years before making the shift to focusing solely on creating music after an accident in the kitchen left him with a broken leg. Much like the unpredictable world of culinary arts, Action Bronson, real name Arian Asllani, thrives off infusing his music with incredibly brash, unique and random pop culture references with he more than occasional succulent dash  speech of Chef Jargon.

Since breaking onto the scene in 2011 following the success of his Dr. Lecter debut project, Action Bronson has illuminated his own lane from the darkness with his shining silver tongued bars and won over our hearts with his enormously lovable persona. So this week’s essentials pack strips things down to the bare minimum to celebrate some of Bronsolini’s most ambitious, impressive and ostentatious lines.

Imported Goods

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Imported Goods”

Action Bronson’s grand stature is only amplified by is larger than life bars, and its been that way since the begining. This 2010 cut proves that the Queens MC has never had a shortage of over the head, extraordinary lines referencing a range of things from sex and drugs to food, cars and clothes.

Quotable Lyrics
The eyes slanted from the origami, I roll a quarter of the water
Near the border, where you oughta find me
The Tamborine Man pumping while the Tyson burning
Air Tech Challenge, clay court, checks balance
Stay endorsing that weak shit, my team spit
That mean shit, like stepping in some fiend’s shit
– Action Bronson

Larry Csonka

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Lary Csonka”

When Action Bronson released his debut album Dr. Lecter in 2011 he entered the industry in thee coolest, most whimsically degenerative way possible and quite frankly, it’s the reason he shines. 

Quotable Lyrics:
Spit the silky shit that’s ankle-length like a kimono

Uh, sharp instruments to rock like a fossil
Shotty for the haters, that’s trimmed off at the nostrils
Well, me and Docker eating dinner at the brothel
Never sniff that blanco, that’s word to OJ’s Bronco
Cop a Dutch and break it open, overfill it
I’m rollin’ in the car, it may be shaky, never spill it, though
Cause when I rhyme, I feel possessed by El Espirito
Encounters of a Third Kind, X-Rays on the visual
Ginger ale and hot sauce, two things I live by
I’m such a chill guy, but fuck around and, yes, you will die

Mike Vick

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Mike Vick”

With every project released, Action Bronson levels up the flow and his 2012 collaborative project with the Alchemist Rare Chandeliers is certainly a very important milestone in Bronson’s career. Songs like “Mike Vick” highlight his New York mentality with the added luxe of his rich pop-cultural and affinity for swagging out on fire tracks with even more fire samples.

Quotable Lyrics 
When you down the people kick you
When you up the bitches lick you
Chill dogs, don’t wanna have to Michael Vick you
Stash the work inside the asshole of a pit bull
This getting money shit is simple

I got my hand like Mike Jack’s glove, lungs filled with bud
Gold bullets in the snub, old and Jewish on the rug
Young and Spanish on my bitch, quick to vanish on the pricks
In the drop six cockpit, hammers getting lift
Bite beef that was aged inside the basement
Smoke a floral arrangement baby I’m dangerous
– Action Bronson

Heel Toe

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Heel Toe”

One of the major characteristics of Action Bronson’s artistry is his unique beat selection that features him seamlessly gliding over highly instrumental and sample driven beats with a very vintage feel. “Heel Toe” is the perfect rendition of Bronson’s style, plus it’s produced by Harry Fraud and we all know the fire these guys produce when they come together.

Quotable Lyrics:
Yo, the long trench wearer, money in my hand, I dare ya
To come and take this, find you in a basement naked
Plus it’s rainin’
She took a sniff, now she dancin’ like she Usher Raymond
See me swerving in the Lincoln with the Daytons
Seat colors Sanaa Lathan, kinda resembles fried bacon
I shoot at your crew, put the spoon inside the Tiramisu
As I sat there looking cute in a suit.
– Action Bronson


10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks


It goes without saying that Action Bronson’s Blue Chips mixtape series is classic and iconic.. “9-24-11” is possibly one of the greatest moments from the series as it is truly a lyrical epic that spans almost two years.

Quotable Lyrics:
Bam bam got a shooter like Lagassee
Emerald green paper that I split up with my posse
One hand driving, 3 gram smoking
2 fiend sucking, tea bag soaking
Strength of a retard the drugs are even stronger
Shorty loved the longitude, dealer bring a quarter through
Over fishing make the snapper less affordable
I hate when stupid bitches ask me questions that’s rhetorical
Like “do you want to have sex?”, well bitch, it’s obvious
Her name was Jeta from the former Yugoslavia
She grew a bush like a baby plant
Still I ate it, just think of it as bucatin’ and razor clams
Smuggle cheeses in a baby bag
And then I serve at a private tasting
I got no time for wasting.
– Action Bronson


10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks


Much like its predecessor, “9-24-13” is a lyrical performance of epic proportions.

Quotable Lyrics:
I told the driver Lenny swing me by the garden I gotta talk to Pat
Showed him some stacks
Then showed him the gat like ‘you’re gonna miss the finger roll right?’
Yes, Mr. Baklava
Then I cartwheeled into and aqua car
Now I’m, sliding
Ma, your boy has made it, no more
The facial reminiscent of a lion
Fuck around I’ll send you back to zion
And I ain’t even trying
Swing the wood wheel like lumberjacks
I remember back when they wouldn’t spend a stack on my rap
Now they want to wipe my ass in the crack after I shat
And I just had corn beef hash
Action Bronson

Twin Peugeots

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Twin Peugeots” Feat Big Body Bes & Mac Miller

Blue Chips 2 hits a stride quite like none of Action Bronson’s projects. This expansive mixtape explores even more deeply into his retrospective sound and artisinal pen game. “Twin Peugeots” is the type of track that combines both of these aspects in the most wonderful triumphant venue and the added assistance of Big Body Bess and Mac Miller elevates the track that much more.

Quotable Lyrics:
Jump tumble
Front flips off the roof like a stunt double
My shorty doing kegels for her cunt muscle
Keep her shaped up
The M3 all green fly like a strange duck
My dad was right when he said I was a deranged fuck
Now every meal is calamari and boudin blanc
Saddam Hussein guns
Held by nuns who do drugs while beige hard bottoms slide on the new rug
Pinky up
The joint thicker than Pinky’s butt
Just as stinky
Nick Van Exel with the handle, Helsinki
Eggs Rothko
– Action Bronson

Triple Backflip

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Triple Backflip”

To keep it 100, the SAAB Stories EP is like the ultimate wave and had several extremely memorable tracks but “Triple Backflip” is like the ultimate slick talking anthem. Overly essential and overtly flexy!

Quotable Lyrics:
Come…hold my dick while I take a piss
Shake it off, put it back in my boxer shorts
Ride in the drop top lobster Porsche
Inside the joint I got some pasta sauce
Uh, stalking the street, just to put the fork in the beef
Coffins are cheap, seats are very soft in the Jeep
The lights hit me at the club, my skin was like a chicken
And now my leather to the ankle by my Pippen
This feels crazy and I hoping I don’t blow it
That goes to show I’m still a human under all this glow
Needless to say I’m exceeding while you pussies bleeding
I guess your weight was not in season
– Action Bronson

Actin Crazy

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Actin Crazy”

Action Bronson’s Mr Wonderful album is nothing short of wonderful and it’s especially due to gems like the 40 produced record “Actin Crazy.” This track is extra special because it gives us everything we love about Bronson in a new and improved venue due to the more contemporary approach to the production. Nonetheless, the track is still outlandish and essential as ever.

Quotable Lyrics:
Baby, oh, my lord
The cops chasin’ Bronson in an all-white Ford
Shit, I’m on that all-night tour
Bitch, I’m alright, but I’m off that raw
I’m in a robe dancin’ salsa on the top floor
You would swear I’m Puerto Rican, but I’m not, lord
Hot hoes every city that we go, singin’
“Heads high, kill ’em with it now!”
Uh, all I do is eat oysters
And speak six languages in three voices
It’s Adriatic Summers on a sail boat
Don’t even try to call, I’m not available for nothin’
Unless it’s stupid paper, hop out the Studebaker
With Anita Baker, uh

Durag Vs. Headband

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

“Durag Vs. Headband” Feat. Big Body Bes

Though this record isn’t attached to any particular project, it’s unfair to say that it’s not super dope. Also, Action Bronson and Big Body Bes as a pair is like nothing we have ever seen before, but also everything we have ever wanted as well.

Quotable Lyrics:
If I choose the right horse
I’mma buy a white Porsche
Never take the night off
Saying that my mind’s off
Ever since I came out
I been handing pain out
Fold a wire hanger through your nose, take your brain out
Hey now
On the stage I’m like great balls of fire
One more year I’ll be on Lake George, retired
Big steak like a Jeep tire
Season up some biceps and throw ’em in deep fryer

Honorable Mention: The Chairman’s Intent

10 Essential Action Bronson Tracks

Honorable Mention: “The Chairman’s Intent”

As we all await the marvelous Blue Chips 7000, many of us are at the edge of our seats, nail biting and swooning with anxious anticipation. The hype is partially because of the heritage of the Blue Chips saga, but also due to the string of cinematic singles Action Bronson has released recently. “The Chairman’s Intent” is both a movie and a symphonic movement. Bronson is as graceful on the beat as he is in the video while he kicks the asses of multiple neerdowells and thugs.

Long story short, Blue Chips 7000 is about to be lit, so be prepared to enjoy with the company of a nice meal and good drugs, just like Bronson would like you too.

Quotable Lyrics:
Yo, these sixteen bars cost sixteen cars
Kiss these balls, bitch, we stars
Fuck that shit, you ain’t hot like Prince
You got little shine, but not like this
Time crumbles when the jet black M5 rumbles
All from what I did last summer?
But motherfuckers forget
Till I’m back up on the set
Every motherfucking jump shot wet
Same outfit every day like a cartoon (that’s me!)
Uh, they’ll never find you in a shark soup
And there will never be a part two
Shit, you’re looking at some motherfucking art, boo