It took some time for their fans to adjust to their romance, but Yung Miami and Diddy are the “it” Hip Hop couple. The pair were initially private about their budding romance, but after confirming their union, they haven’t hesitated in sharing intimate moments. From jet-setting across the globe to tropical vacations to supporting one another’s live shows, Diddy and Miami can’t get enough of one another.

PEOPLE caught up with Yung Miami at the premiere of the second season of BMF in Los Angeles. The outlet couldn’t pass up an opportunity to ask the City Girls rapper about her Bad Boy beau.

MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 03: Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Fly Guy DC, Yung Miami and Sean Combs attend the Million Dollar Bowl at The Dome Miami on February 3, 2020 in Miami, Florida.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
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“He’s a man. He’s a grown man,” said Miami. She also added, “He’s very honest. He’s upfront about everything, ain’t no secrets with him. Nothing in my face, everything in one. I can talk to him about it.”

Additionally, Miami said their relationship is more than just flexing on social media or partying. According to the rapper, this is indeed the “first time” she’s “experienced a love like this.”

“We go to church. He takes me to church. We pray together,” Miami further revealed. “We put God first, for real. We pray, talk to God, and go to church. I can talk to him about anything.”

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Regardless of her relationship, there is much on the horizon for Yung Miami. Her Caresha Please podcast continues to thrive, and she’s preparing to perform at Rolling Loud in March.

“I enjoy all of it,” she said. “I’m not gonna lie, I can’t say, I enjoy all of ’em the same. Like I’m just so happy to be in the space that I take all of it in the same. I’m so happy.”

The rapper is also featured in BMF as the character Deanna Washington.

“You can expect a whole new side to me. Like, I know y’all know Yung Miami, I know y’all know Caresha, but it’s like, it’s a very emotional scene, and it’s real acting,” she stated. “Like, it’s very emotional. I’m a wife, it’s different. I ain’t gonna spill too much, but it’s a whole different side of me.”

Tune in to the second season of BMF today, January 6.