London On Da Track Responds To BM's Comments About Shenseea's Son

The renowned producer is feeling tired of false accusations making rounds on the blog circuit.

BYHayley Hynes

London On Da Track is no stranger to baby mama drama. Usually, the headlines surrounding his name are a result of beef with R&B starlet Summer Walker. This weekend, however, it's been Eboni Ivori who's causing him grief with her social media antics.

On Friday, the mother of London's child took to social media to reveal a cease and desist sent her way on behalf of Shenseea. The Jamaican vocalist has been previously romantically linked to the renowned producer for most of the year. Despite trying to keep things between them private, they're now blowing up thanks to Eboni.

The latter has been making claims that the 26-year-old's son, Rajeiro, acted inappropriately in front of her and London's daughter online. The court documents require Eboni to issue an apology and retract her statements.

"Lol, apologize. [Why] would I apologize for what THEY did wrong?" she wrote on top of the screenshots. "So they look sweet and make money that [I don't give a f*ck about]."

In another post, she continued to slander Shenseea, particularly poking fun at her government name. "'Chinsea' is a joke, like a cartoon," she posted on her Story.

"If she focused on selling records and raising her kid right instead of tryna make me be quiet [about] some truth then someone could name one of her songs," Eboni quipped.

Other posts found her further defending her decisions. "First y'all say I'm lying, she's lying. Then I'm wrong for telling the truth. Can't win [with] y'all but I wasn't trying to get anyone's approval anyways."

Upon speaking with London, Ivori claims that he said their little girl was lying and "needs punishment." She added, "I try to contact Chinchilla, she opens my DM and then closes it back."

"If I don't let her go I get [in] legal trouble for not giving him his lil time he stays taking me to court for," Eboni additionally explained. "So my move is making sure that everyone knows that wherever she goes, regardless of the lack of protection she gets from elsewhere, I'll always make sure that nobody messes with her."

In the time since London's baby mama began speaking out, he's also been voicing his side of the story. "A lot of y'all take shit as jokes and be entertained but I ain't taking none of this shit lightly," he tweeted on Saturday (December 3).

"Constantly curating false accusations and playing the blog/internet games to try [and] tarnish my name and anyone associated with me and now to involve minors is below temperature. This ain't a blog headline, this is my lil one," he went on.

The Over It producer made it clear that the safety of his children is his number one priority. "I been doing my best as a father, juggling my career and making sure that my kids stay at the core of my life," he said. "To my lil one being scripted to entertain such horrible accusations is a low blow."

London then went on to take shots as his baby mother. "To someone who got three kids, and the other two not in her care, that alone concerns me," he said this afternoon. "I love my lil one and I'm gone do whatever it takes to protect and keep her safe 24/7 with me."

"I wish y'all blogs would stop encouraging foolishness and any erratic behaviour for clickbait," he added. "Hope everyone can take accountability and stop supporting storylines that are exploiting children. Y'all carry on."

See London On Da Track's full statement for yourself below. Later, check back in with HNHH for any updates on all the drama.

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